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Is it even POSSIBLE to make barley taste good...

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I have to make a big batch of soup for some people, and they want that soup mix with the barley, and I just don't think I am up to the task, I can make anything else good, but barley... Any suggestions, flavour combinations... This is for not diet people...

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Jan 17 2009 01:30
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I've always liked beef barley soup....I dunno....I'd probably hit it with some cumin, garlic, red hot chili pepper and ham chunks.....and cook it up thick.

I didn't think it was possible to make barley taste bad.  :-)

I love the taste of all whole grains including barley.  Best you can do I guess is ramp up the spices... -soup-gi-jane-recipe-r87896

I quite like this Mushroom and Barley Soup...   Choose the most flavoursome dark-gilled brown cap mushrooms you can get your hands on, season with herbs and use good quality stock.  'Sweating' the vegetables in a combination of butter and oil at the start brings out the maximum flavour.

That looks delicious Jane...I love Mushroom Barely soup!!  Only thing is it looks like a baby'll have to triple up on  Did you ever try it with portobello mushrooms?

Barley is one of my favourite grains. I use flakes to make porridge with from time to time. I find it has a very light, pleasant, creamy flavour in general.

An idea for you: pick your favourite risotto, and instead of arborio rice, use pearl barley in its place.

didnt you say they asked for the soup mix with barley? why are you concerned about changing the taste when thats what the people asked for? do you really just want to change the taste for you and not them?

unfortunately for you and your guests, i agree with everyone else here and love the natural taste of all whole grains. i boil them all with water and add nothing.

again, if they ASKED for the soup mix with barley, why do you want to make it not taste like barley?

haha, I realise this crowd is more of a health concious crowd and I personally like barley, alright. But a Lot of people don't like it, and its not what I would call a crossover dish. So I was looking for something to really make the flavours pop, and I think the mushroom barley sounds great, I will prepare some mushrooms, and put that in the soup with some nice spices.

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