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Getting enough potassium! How?

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Hi,  I enjoy most high-potassium foods and eat them often:  spinach, triscuits, milk & cheese, and BANANAS. 

But I never seem to reach the 100% ideal dietary requirement for potassium.  I always check the Analysis for my Food log and I am always woefully low of Potassium.

I feel healthy and look okay, but this bugs me.

Anyone else struggle with this? or should I even be worried about it?


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Don't worry. Lots of foods don't have potassium included in the food log, so your count is likely to be missing stuff. If you do a search of the forums, there are about 100 threads on this.

Same here! I found recipes that feature cooked spinach combined with mushrooms and of course some lemon juice (vit C) reportedly are higher in K. So....I've been eating more wilted spinach and mushrooms lately. Citrus w/bananas increases your K absorption and a baked potato is loaded w/it too. Hope that helps you -- mine was still off-mark even doing all that AND taking a multi for women.
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