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Emergency healthy snacks for work....

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I have a pattern of binging at work when I feel stressed or when I start getting hungry & don't have any healthy snacks on hand. It usually leads to a trip to the grill for fries, candy, or pretzels.

I need some healthy snacks ideas, prefably snacks I can store in my locker. The refrigerator/freezer is cleaned out at my work everyday so I cannot keep a supply of healthy foods in there.

I already keep cans of tuna & some oatmeal, but I need some more ideas...any suggestions would be helpful. :)
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A bag of pretzels, unsalted nuts, a yogurt, or piece of fruit are all good.

Nuts and dried fruits.  I like roasted beans (such as chickpeas) and wasabi peas.  Rice cakes.  Some fresh veggies and fruits will keep for a few days at room temperature, as long as you plan to eat them within that time frame.

Look inside your pantry at home - what shelf stable foods do you have in there that are healthy and you would enjoy snacking on?

For when you feel stressed out and feel like you have to binge, I suggest bringing in green tea packets and hard candies like mints.

Binging is not very good. Drink lots of water instead of eating for stress. For when I get hungry, I keep a stash in my desk drawer.

All Bran Bars or Bites.

Apple Sauce cups


Can of Soup and a bowl

SF hard candies and suckers

SF toffees (20 cal each)

100 calorie chocolate bars

Microwave oatmeal.

Rice crisps

SunRype Fruit to Go

SunRype Fruit Bite

100 calorie bags of microwave smart popcorn

almonds, "Goldfish"-love those things!, trail mix, granola bars, popcorn, raisins...hope that helps 
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