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Is 3 eggs a day too much?

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I hear so many different opinions on eggs. I am a healthy person, I`m not overweight or anything and so I always found its perfectly fine to eat an egg a day.

However, quite often I will eat maybe three whole eggs a day and I was just wondering is this ok? Is it fine to eat so many in a day?

I do eat a healthy balanced diet and dont tend to eat alot of junk food.

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Hi Betty, I don't know what your cholesterol levels are but mine are fine and doctor says one egg a week is ok. I use egg beaters or whites though just cause my family has a tendency for high cholesterol... I would say get a full blood work up and then see what your doc says.

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Eggs are one of the most healthy and complete foods you can eat. There is good and bad cholesterol. Unless you have a medical problem then can see no problems with eating 3 eggs.
One egg a WEEK! I would not survive :p

3 eggs is fine.

HECK YEAH IT IS!! I eat at least 2-4 per day (whole, not whites!)

As long as you're not eating processed foods (bread, pasta, cereal, cakes, cookies.. etc) eating eggs are fine!! It's the processed foods, namely simple carbs/sugar, that are most likely to contribute to disease.

Humans have been eating eggs and meat for millions of years and have thrived! Just recently in the last hundred years ago we started all dying from disease after the onset of cheap packaged foods made out of corn, wheat, soy, and pasturised dairy.

There's no reason to avoid eggs-- ENJOY EGGS EVERYDAY, and avoid the rest of the crap that's out there!!

Oh thanks :-), feel a bit more at ease now. I love eggs, especially for breakfast, they are just such a good protein/fat source.

I couldnt possibly just live on one egg a week!

I too do a lot of eggs.  I have actually read that whole milk is a bigger contributor to high cholesterol levels than eggs.  I also do a lot of organ meat.  I love liver, chicken gizzards and stuff like that which the cholesterol is through the roof on and my levels are just fine.


I'm not convinced that eating 3 eggs a day is healthy for everyone, but I have no wish to argue about it.  Each of us can do our own research and make our own choices.

A new study about eggs suggests, though, that eggs have less cholesterol than what the original studies showed.


The article suggests one egg a day is fine.  Again, many people on CC suggest that eating as many eggs as we want is healthy. 

I do know that when I first started losing weight and lost my 45 pounds or so, I used only egg whites and threw away the yolks.  I do not recommend doing that.  I did it for fewer calories and to cut back on the cholesterol, but I have since conceded that my thinking was wrong.  The yolk contains incredibly important protein and nutrients. 

And cholesterol in food does not necessarily turn into cholesterol in our blood.

I don't see the problem unless you have a problem with your cholesterol levels being too high already. I figure your doctor is the only one who could really answer this question specifically for you, though.

I'm with dbackerfan on organ meats, too. I love to eat liver, and CC always tells me it's bad because of the cholesterol, but since my levels of cholesterol are low and I'm iron deficient, I go for it anyway.

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We raise our own chickens for eggs. Cage free. I eat 2 every other day I think that is fine

EGGS ARE HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!! Eggs do not cause high cholesterol!!!!! They can actually reduce your risk of getting high cholesterol and they can reduce your risk of getting a stroke! Plus, two eggs have more antioxidants than an APPLE!!

I buy Real Egg as instead of eggs, my Doctor encourages this product. its great advantage is low calaries , high protein , I don't have to crack shells.

I just realised had 6 eggs today...

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