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egg whites vs egg beaters - price & taste

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ive recently switched from comgining eggs with egg whites to straight whites.  i dont mind the removing yolk process but am wondering about eggbeaters or other such brands.

my eggs are $1-1.20 so each white about 10cents or just under each.
anyone know the equivilant pricing per eggwhite for eggbeaters?

how would you compare taste? always hated eggwhites and worked myself up to enjoying them in veg omlets which i eat a ton of.  how would you compare the taste and which do you prefer? strong preference?

any other thoughts on whites appreciated and YES YES YES, i know egg yolks arent evil but i just prefer the whites for protein/calorie/bulk ratio.

15 Replies (last) i've thought about this. my eggs are actually a bit more expensive. for 3 egg whites i get the equivalent of 2 servings of the egg beaters...that's large eggs. 

So for me i get 4 servings of eggs per dozen...3 egg whites each...since this would be the equivalent of 2 servings of egg beaters i only get 2 servings per carton. Basically i get double the amount of egg whites when i buy a dozen eggs for half the cost. so really per serving it's 1/4th the cost for egg whites from the eggs.

in terms of taste...hmmm...i actually prefer the eggbeaters because they have flavored ones like southwest or garden vegetable which are delicous but i don't like them enough to warrant spending 4x as much for them. also, the egg beaters aren't portable. i will hard boil eggs and take them with me...sometimes eating only the whites but usually yolks too. when i do want to EAT though i prefer the bulk of all whites.

in omelets it doesn't make much difference because you're adding veggies, cheese, and yummy flavors...but alone the eggbeaters are much better :) 

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I'd have to check the price on eggbeaters, as I almost always use whole eggs, but I did want to add that lots of grocery stores do have generic eggbeaters at lower prices. You can also buy liquid egg whites - sorry I don't have numbers at my disposal right now, but I do remember that just the whites were cheaper than the egg beaters. They're also more versatile if you don't bake with whole eggs - wouldn't want to make muffins with garlicky eggbeaters!

oh BTW for me eggs are 1.79 per dozen and end egg beaters are 3.99 for a small carton.

I just did some googling about Egg Beaters:

"Are Egg Beaters the same as egg whites?
No. When you separate the yolk and use just the white of the egg, you lose important nutrients found in the yolk. Egg Beaters Original adds these nutrients back in, providing an even better nutritional value. Plus, there's no waste from unused and discarded yolks."


Right now, I pay about $3.99 for omega-3 eggs (which costs more than regular ol' eggs. I was buying them with the intention of throwing out the yolks, I would go with a cheaper, generic egg). Instead, I buy 250 mL carton of egg whites, which contains 8 egg whites.

Hmm... interesting again! It would be cheaper for me to just use whole eggs!

It's easy it you think about from the environmental side. Throwing food is one of our biggest environmental sins, so if you're getting rid of the yolks by throwing them (and not giving them to someone on Atkins or LCHF Laughing) go for the carton!

I suspect the energy consumed by the company processing eggs into Egg Beaters is at least as wasteful (just in a different way) as throwing the yolks out from whole eggs.

I buy 100% egg whites.  it cost $2.50 and there are 15 egg whites in the carton. I think whole eggs were $2.80 (18 eggs)  but I'm not wasting food.  My family still eats real eggs so I buy both.  but if you are tossing the yokes you can figure white for white. 

I do eat the occasional hard boiled.


I like egg beaters and the taste is better than just egg whites. The price is a concern, but I feel awkward throwing out yolks, too... Plus with egg beaters you can use as much or as little as you want.

Original Post by suddrik:

so if you're getting rid of the yolks by throwing them (and not giving them to someone on Atkins or LCHF Laughing) go for the carton!

What do you think the company that seperates the yokes from the whites is doing with the yokes?

Plus the packaging for egg whites contains a lot more stuff that doesn't break down than a simple egg carton. 

If you want to avoid wasting food, you can save up those egg yolks in the freezer and use them for cooking during the holidays, for pot lucks, and for bake sales--you could even make some sort of foods to donate to a homeless shelter. You could also give the yolks to a pet (if you or a friend have one--they are good for both dogs and cats and are a great substitute for milk for kittens), and of course, there is the option of offering the egg yolks to a friend that bakes, is on a low carb diet, likes egg yolks, or needs to gain weight for whatever reason. I've heard about making facial treatments and shampoo out of egg yolks as well...there are recipes online. There is no need to throw thie yolks out if you insist upon using them! I definitely agree that you should purchase whole eggs and separate out the whites of companies do not care about the environment or wastefulness.

Original Post by charmander_:

If you want to avoid wasting food, you can save up those egg yolks in the freezer

Just don't do what my grad school roommate did - leave them in a bowl, on the counter, for days. Days! What was she going to do with them days later?

I MUCH preferred actual eggs to egg beaters.  Egg beaters had a weird taste to it (I tried regular) that I couldn't cover up or ignore.  I ate it once and threw it out.  You'll have to try for yourself though, a lot of people like it.

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Why are you tossing out egg yolks? I am a health and nutrition writer for famous pubs.  Yolks are loaded with nutrients and their B vitamins work as a team with those in the whites to provide perfect nutrition. COntrary to popular opinion the cholesterol in eggs or any dietary cholesterol does NOT raise your cholesterol--trans fats and certain saturated fats (and a diet rich in sugar and starch) do.  There is only 1.5 grams of sat fat in and egg yolk. If you really want to cut down just for calories' sake use 1 egg yolk with three whites.

I switch back and forth between eggs and all-whites (I don't do eggbeaters anymore).  It's definitely cheaper to use real eggs and toss the yolk (you can't freeze egg yolk and really use in in anything -- you can freeze egg whites), but I usually do the 3/1 method of one whole egg = two egg whites.

The carton stuff is high in sodium -- but it is also higher in protein.  All-Whites has 5g of protein per 1/4 cup (=1 egg white), real eggs only have 3g.

I have nothing against eggs, whole or separated, I prefer the taste of real eggs, but I add all kinds of "junk" to my all-whites and I don't notice it as much.

The idea of adding one whole egg to extra egg whites is brilliant! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that! I love the taste of whole egg in my frittatas, but don't want the fat, calories or cholesterol. This option is perfect for me. Starting out with a protein/vegetable packed breakfast is a must for me. Doing this tomorrow.

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