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NON-EGG breakfast ideas??

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I've diagnosed myself as being allergic to eggs.  No, I'm not a doctor, although I play one in my head.  Everytime I eat eggs I get a tummy ache for the rest of the day and no medicines help.  Too bad, cause I LOVE egg dishes :(    Booooooo......

So i'm looking for alternative breakfasts that are low-cal, healthy, and easy to make.  So far almost every day I eat non-fat vanilla yogurt with Kashi go lean, flaxseed and cinnamon (for blood sugar regulation - Thanks kkwg99!! it totally works) all mixed together.  I like it (500 - something calories) but its gettin' a little old.

 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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I have Quaker instant oatmeal (plain) EVERY MORNING, it hasn't gotten old yet!  Sometimes I have it plain, lately I've been adding pumpkin to it though with a little cinnamon and a pack of splenda.  SOO YUMMY!

Sometimes for protein I'll have a half cup of cottage cheese with (yes i know) more pumpkin. 

I'm addicted to pumpkin as of now...


smoothies are good too, in my opinion.  I'll make either a fruit one or a pumpkin one (hehe).  I really love making a strawberry one with non-fat vanilla yogurt, a cup of strawberries, some milk (or water and some instant sugar free pudding for less cals), and lots of ice.  The pumpkin one I leave the yogurt out on though.  Then I stir some cheerios in and its really good!  VERY filling too.

EDIT: The oatmeal runs me at about 150 cals, 170 with pumpkin
       &nb sp; Cottage cheese runs at 70 cals, 90 with pumpkin
       &nb sp; Strawberry smoothies are about 150, pumpkin are about 100
i've been trying to eat cinnamon in the morning too after all the threads about it!

thomas's light english muffins are great, 100 calories and they have 7 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber!! they don't taste quite as good as the regular thomas's but worth the sacrifice because they are so filling! i'd suggest topping it with a tbsp. peanut butter (100 cal), you could have that with a piece of fruit (75) cal and a yogurt with cinnamon (about 100) and that would put you at 500 cals for a BIG satisfying breakfast.

also if you peel, core and chop up an apple, top it with a TON of cinnamon and microwave it for 1 1/2 mins. then top with plain oatmeal and a little brown sugar it is amazing and super filling too!
OO that's brilliant!  I'll have to try that one =D

deflepfan -

That pumpkin fetish sounds intruiging, how the heck do you make / eat a pumkin, or add it to your food....I wanna try!

Jules -

I also LOVE that apple idea, I'm totally going to try that, I don't own a microwave, I'll just try baking it!!

Do you have the same reaction to egg substitute products, like Egg Beaters?  If not, you can do egg scrambles or omelettes or casseroles with them that are very good.

Ditto on oatmeal--it's very filling, healthy and you can top it 100 different ways.  There's a thread, I think on this forum, about oatmeal toppings, if you want a lot of good ideas. 

Check the recipe files for things like protein pancakes and healthy muffins.

I have two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I zap it in the microwave at the beginning of my first class (I'm sure my Spanish teacher appreciates my dining during her verbal lessons ;D).

But here are some new suggestions: fruit with cottage cheese, breakfast wraps (you can put pretty much anything in it - eggs, cheese, fruit with cinnamon, hummus, peanut butter), sandwiches, bagels with peanut butter, cinnamon, or cottage cheese, etc. Remember, breakfast doesn't always have to be a 'breakfast' food.
sometimes i will have 2 pieces of natures own sf bread with laughing cow cheese and jelly (155 cals) and then .5 cup cottage cheese with 1/4 cup go lean crunch ( 127 cals).

or i will have oatmeal. i always add splenda, 5 almonds and lately .25 cup of go lean crunch. if i want it 'plain" i'll add cinnamon, splash of milk and maybe a teaspoon of sf maple syrup. sometimes i'll add .25 cup of pumpkin with 1 tsp of brown sugar. or i'll cut up a small apple, microwave it and add it to the oatmeal while its cooking. then more cinnamon.

if you don't like eggs i'd just experiment with oatmeal. there are so many ways you can eat it and its so filling.
I buy Libby's canned Pure Pumpkin and just toss it into everything I think it might be good with!  Seriously try the pumpkin, cottage cheese, cinnamon and splenda (unless you don't like splenda, then whatever sweetener you use =D)

Or if you would rather, this is what I use for a shake...

1/2 nonfat milk
2-3 heaping tablespoons of canned pumpkin
1/4 package sugar free vanilla pudding
lots of ice!

If you like it sweeter you could also add some kind of sweetener..sometimes I add a pack of splenda

Hope you like =)

I eat steel cut oats 4-5 days per week, I add cinnamon, nutmeg, ground flax seed and blueberries.  Sometimes dried figs but they are much higher in calories.

Not sure if you have tried cooking with tofu, but tofu scrambles are lovely.  I make them at least once a week with chopped asparagus & red pepper with fresh parsley.  :)

I love oatmeal for breakfast, I had some this morning. 1/2 cup dry instant oatmeal + 1 cup water, 1/4  cup raisins. Microwave. Add 1 tbsp honey. 342 calories.
I eat steel cut oats for breakfast everyday. For extra protein I add 1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder.  Total calories: 220-230. 

Ditto OATMEAL is filling and yummy and you can personalize what you add to it. 

Also, try some "scrambled" tofu.  You can use cooking spray and then just add tofu + spices.  ( I like to add cumin, garlic powder, turmeric and braggs or soy sauce).

I am a dinner eater at breakfast and I love it. I sautee' lots of vegetables mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini in a little bit of olive oil, sprinkle them with Spike (the one w/o salt is very good) and eat them in a corn tortilla.  It's a nice change of pace for breakfast.
I usually have yogurt, or organic regular rolled oats (oatmeal) with hemp plus granola added to it which gives it a sweet taste and then add a small to medium banana.  Or I will have a bowl of Back to Natures Fiber and Flax Cereal with a banana chopped up into it.  These are usually my breakfast ideas that are really feeling and don't get boring to me.  Sometimes if I need extra protein I will add a scoop of Whey Protein to the oatmeal as well.  I think there is a lot of great options out there that don't use eggs so just look through the foods forum for more ideas and you should be set.
I have the same weird egg thing.  I had given up eggs for years then decided to play with it and see if anything helps.  After I eat them (especially in the mornings) I am sick for hours.  It's worse if I have milk with it! My stomach starts turning thinking about the combination!  But, I have tried eating an egg in the evening with bread, and I can get it down and not feel sick. Again, no milk.  Good luck! 
Pumpkin french toast....

its just milk + egg + pumpkin + cinnamon / sugar

Then get old bread (better the bread, better the french toast) and let it soak a little...then cook it!

Maybe strawberries on top? Or chopped apples / pancooked a little?

You can always make normal french toast too...but pumpkin is nice now and then.
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