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So, part of my healthier eating regimen is to try new veg & fruit I've not heretofore tried. So I bought a bag of frozen edamame at Trader Joe's and threw it into a steamed veggie & noodle mix. It was OK, but the pods were hard to chew, it was like eating crustacean shells, and they were kind of hard on the digestive system.

So, are you supposed to remove the pods or parboil them or something prior to using?
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I have never seen edamame pods eaten...but hey I am no edamame doctor!
Hmmm, OK from googling, apparently, it is customary to shell the edamame! I guess I got an extra serving or 2 of fiber!
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I buy the ones that are preshelled.  I don't think the shell hurts you in any way.  It is just too tough to be good eats.
Yeah.  I eat the shells of pumpkin seeds even though you are not really supposed to :)
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I've only ever bought them fresh from the Japanese Grocery store... I eat the shell on those. The frozen I've never actually eaten plain though..... I use them to make tofu.
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I eat the dry roasted ones. I don't feel like cooking and shelling them.
when I eat edamame, I just pull the peas out with my teeth, thereby leaving the shell..

my question is, does the calorie info on the back on the package include the shell or not?
Japanese people never eat the shell of edamame (I live in Tokyo). My Japanese husband was astounded when just I told him there are people out there who eat them!

They are usually boiled for a few minutes in salted water, then people shell them as they eat them. They are usually eaten by themselves as a snack here.
Try this:

Put the edamame in a bowl after you have cooked them, and sprinkle with sea salt to taste.

Pick up one edamame pod at a time and squeeze it (near your mouth) so that the edamame beans/peas pop out and into your mouth.  You can also use your teeth and slide the whole pod through (like going through an old clothes ringer) and they will pop out, too. But either way, you will have an empty shell to throw away.

OR... buy them pre-shelled.

I predict that once you try them without eating the shell, you will love them.  They are also good leftover/cold just to eat like popcorn.

i made that mistake when i first tried them.  the shells are awful.  nctracy's got the exact idea.  so good as a snack like that.  or add the shelled beans to salad.  
Yeah, I think I will like it better. The beans are tasty. Much as I like getting fiber, I think I'll hold off on eating the pods in the future!
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Yeah I was taught how to eat them at a sushi place one time and they were just served with coarse salt and you popped out the beans, I never ever eat the pods. I buy a bag of frozen ones in pods for snacking and then I buy shelled ones for putting in stir fries and noodles. yum.
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