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What are you eating now that you weren't before you started this ?

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Here is my list

mandrain oranges



asparagus(it was never on the table when I was growing up)

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Sugar free jelly (or jello to you americans).

Hummus, almond milk, fiber one, kashi cereals and other products, fage 0% yogurt, more frequent use of equal, a lot of canned pumpkin, whole wheat pita bread, and eggplant.  The big one is eggplant - I always thought it was gross before, but for some reason after I started eating healthier I grew to appreciate it.  Oh, and I've recently discovered that tofu is pretty good (contrary to my misconceptions)- I'm planning on experimenting with it with some tips I've read on the forums.

Oh man, all kinds of things, protein powder, green beans, sweet potatoes (those are so good!), black beans, veggie burgers, cottage cheese, olives.

The only things I can think of are cottage cheese, cantaloupe, and cereal that I really wasn't eating before. Other than that I've only adjusted how much of everything else I eat.

Rice.  Seriously.  But it's easy to cook and measure and portion, and it's good filler for some meat n sauce with dinner :)  Healthy crackers instead of croutons.  Apples/Oranges/Any fruit on a regular basis.  Chips.

It's kinda crazy, but I'm losing weight and eating more carbs/starches/sugars than before.  Turns out I do a lot better using really good portion control than trying to "cut out" certains types of food.

tomatoes, onions, boca burgers, fat free cheese, celery, fresh veggies (they used to always be canned and full of sodium)

a hell of a lot of cabbage.

Soymilk, Veggie burgers, Natural peanut butter, beans, blueberries, and salmon.

I love them!


tons and tons of different kinds of veggies i wouldn't even look twice at a year ago

Ezekiel bread and veggies of all kinds. 

A snack I discovered last week is Crisps (100% natural fruit, no additives, preservatives.) It's freeze dried fruit I found at Costco.  Comes in bags like chips and a bag of fuji apples (=1.5 apples) is only 39 calories; strawberry banana is 45 cals for a whole bag (=1 banana + 4 strawberries).  It has a satisfying crispness and it's guiltless.    

oat bran, flax seed, cinnamon, soy milk powder (doesn't taste very good though), raw honey, natural peanut butter and some raw recipes.

quinoa, kale, and raw nuts and seeds.  not necessarily together. 

english muffins.

and boca and gardenburger meat/veggie pattys!! yum!

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almond milk, fiber one, more veggies than you can shake a stick at, cottage cheese (used to make me gag and now i craaaaave it), sugar free jello and jello pudding, wasn't a soup person before and now i eat soup almost every day for a snack, salmon (!), lots more eggs and omeletes, mushrooms almost every day.  i'm trying to remember what i ate *before* calorie counting, lol.  oh yeah, just empty carbs and candy ;-)

nothing. I have always eaten alot of healthy foods... i jus would put off eating til really late in the day and then eat way more than i would have if id have eaten regularly. I am eating more cottage cheese, and substituting veggies in place of pasta (like eggplant slices in lasanga and spagghetti squash).

Squash, sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. I never ate them before. I bake them, cut them up and eat them plain. Very good.

Fat free bread, fat free milk, boca burgers, puffed wheat cereal, SHIRATAKI pasta, splenda, reduced fat jiff, sugar free smuckers jelly and strawberry topping, sugar free Mrs. Butterworths syrup, reduced fat bisquick, egg beaters, whole wheat low fat wraps, gortons baked fish filets, turkey burgers.

Loooads of stuff!

- Multi-vitamin every day
- Fibre suppliments (occasionally)
- butternut squash
- sweet potatos
- Wholewheat breads / rice / pasta
- couscous
- falafel (make my own!)
- chickpeas
- hummus
- more fruit
- loads more veggies
- Quarn / Tofu
- natural peanut butter
- raw honey
- porridge

I prepare a lot more foods myself now too. I love buying spices and getting recepies online or from a book and cooking. I definately enjoy food more!

but the longer list is probably things I havent eaten since i started healthy eating! (including fast-foods, take-out food, dairy, and meat)

Boca burgers, PB2, Lightlife veggie dogs, Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread and burger/hot dog buns, Splenda, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, Smuckers sugar free jelly, whole wheat pita bread, canned pumpkin sweetened with Splenda and cinnamon, fat free Pringles, bran flakes cereal.

Lol, I know a lot of this sounds like "diet" food but the thing is I used to eat healthy, whole food even BEFORE starting CC, so I didn't have anything to add!  I just added these foods as I discovered ways to cut extra calories.
Cottage cheese, splenda and diet soda.

There aren't many 'new' things that I do eat but there is a lot of stuff I used to eat that I just can't bear to take in the calories.  Fast food, regular soda, etc.
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