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Eating Protein Powder Dry?

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I bought my first bag of protein powder a few days ago from GNC (100% whey in chocolate caramel). Yesterday I tried mixing it with water and it was alright, but not great. So today morning I tried eating it dry, and it's actually really good! The powder turns kinda chewy with your saliva and it tastes just like a piece of caramel. I'm considering taking the powder dry from now on since i dont have an access to a blender to make smoothies.

Now my question is... would taking the protein powder dry be a problem? Does it need to be taken with liquid for your body to absorb it? I do get kind of thirsty after eating a few bites so i still drink water with it, just not mixed together. I know this question is probably really weird but it'd be great if someone knew the answer.

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I think they taste better in milk.

You should be fine.
Everything gets mixed together in the stomach anyways, right?
If you can find a way to "get your protein and eat it too", so to speak, then by all means, go for it!

I don't see where it would be a problem but it just sounds icky to me.  You don't need a blender necessarily, I mix mine in with my coffee on a regular basis with just a stir stick.  You can also put it in a small bottle of milk and shake that up.

With all seriousness: make sure you don't eat too much of it at once; it will end up blocking your esophagus or something.

Make sure you're getting enough fiber.  Your esophagus isn't the only thing that could get blocked up.

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