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Can eating a lot of protein cause you to gain muscle?

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Even if you're not really working out? I'm curious.
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The only way to gain muscle is to build it, so you have to work out to do that.  Sure, protein is part of the building blocks your body uses to make muscle, but you still have to use the muscles to build them.

Eating "a lot" of protien is unhealthy.  It is not recommended to eat more than 30% of your calories from protein.  More than that can cause vitamin B6 deficiency, forces your kidneys to work very hard, and can leach calcium from the body which can lead to osteoporosis.

"Too much" of a good thing isn't a good thing.  A well balanced diet between all the food groups is the best way to insure proper nutrition.
I remember learning from 9th grade bio that protein is used for growth and repair such as hair, fingernails, etc. It does contribute to muscle but you need to build muscle muscle won't just form from only eating chicken.
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