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eating too much lettuce?

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i eat about 2 heads of iceberg lettuce a day. is that bad? i still get my calories in from dense foods but i have lettuce wraps for lunch which i have a bag of iceberg with the 3 bundles of leaves in it and sometimes more everyday.

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It's probably not bad but cabbage or spinach or some other green would provide more nutrients along with the fiber.  Two heads is a whole lot of lettuce: I find it a little hard to believe you're not filling up on it at the expense of more nutrient-dense vegetables.

yes. eating lettuce is  terrible for you. you'll probably get high blood pressure soon now.

Ice burg lettuce is B-O-R-I-N-G! 

there's really nothing too it, it's pretty much just like eating water-- you would get WAY more nutrients from other eating types of dark leafy greens. For example:

-use boy choy leaves, nori sheets, or butter lettuce to make 'wraps'

-use spinach and arugula in salads

-bake kale to make 'chips'

Make sure you are eating enough calories overall though, and not just filling up on lettuce. Two heads a day sounds unnecessarily excessive-- I doubt you like it THAT much. 

Reading some of your other posts makes me question if whether or not you have an eating disorder. 

It's vegetables so it's good. Since you get other types of food too, I don't see why it's not okay to eat 3 heads of lettuces a day. Better than taking in junk food. I eat tons of spinach and lettuce almost every day as well.

Lettuce is nothing. No calories, no nutrition, just water in a crispier form. 

Are you sure that you're not just gorging yourself on lettuce so that you won't be hungry for other foods? I know that I used to drink tea, coffee, diet drinks, and water by the gallon so that I wouldn't be hungry for caloric foods. 

I apologize for getting on your case but your other posts lead me to doubt that you're really getting your calories in. 

Not all vegetables are created equal.

Don't get me wrong: I love iceberg lettuce, and it's not bad, but it's definitely one of the ninety-pound weaklings of the vegetable world, nutritionally.

Two or three heads of lettuce has got to be filling you up at the expense of better-quality foods.  Stop begging for validation and start reconsidering your eating habits.

thanks for all the responses. i dont really appreciate the criticism though. i wasnt asking for attention or anything i just wanted to know for digestive issues or whatever. i really like lettuce and since i have a lot of food allergies especially to soy/wheat/gluten/lactose sometimes i like the texture of it because i miss chips and im not asking for validation just a yes or no answer really. good ideas on changing it up i didnt even think about kale chips or bok choy. definitely will try them out. any other crunchy ideas that are healthy would be great. and i dont have an eating disorder. seriously.

ng, practiclly anything veggie can be made into chips. I'm vegetarian/pescetarian and tend to gorge when allowed processed carbs so I stay away from most of them except as treats. I make Kale chips with chipotle seasoning, apple with cinnamon, sweet potato and sea salt/black pepper, I'd do parsnips if I could find them, Beetroot with a splash of malt vinegar etc you get the picture. 

Basically cut really thin slices or chip sized chunks of kale, throw in a bowl with 1-2tbs (depending on how much you're making) olive oil and chosen seasoning. Bake at 176 C (dunno the farenheight equivalent sorry) for 20 mins.

Make sure you store them in something airtight, I like to divide mine into ziplock serving bags and then I can take them anywhere like a bag of chips.

I can't see why you should have any probs eating that much lettuce. Frankly I ONLY like iceberg, I hate the taste and texture of most other lettuce so it's the only one I eat. I'll change up for babyleaf spinach sometimes if I want a heavier salad. As long as you're making your calories.

Great asian recipe that uses iceberg lettuce leafs as actual wraps involving shrimp, mushrooms, egg, and usual asiany things stirfried and then rolled in the wrap.

Honestly, yes iceberg lettuce is a bit bad for you. No, its not fattening or anything, but It is really really  hard to digest, and you would be much better off eating spinach or romaine lettuce or some other green. They have actually found like 30 lbs of iceberg lettuce undigested in people's colons when doing otopsys...John Wayne, the actor is one example..Just a thought, you might want to be careful with THAT much lettuce...

On a better note, there are plenty of crunchy foods..Even With all of your intolerances you didn't list potatoes...How about potato/sweet potato chips??? You can make them homemade and they're much healthier if thats what your worried about..Kale, carrot, apple, turnips, and many other veggies also make very tasty chips! :) Also snacking on carrots, celery, apples, cauliflower, cucumber, bell peppers, broccoli, pears, and other fruits and veggies would work because they're all pretty crunchy...You said you're alergic to soy, but not nuts and seeds right? Also very crunchy...Banana chips...Umm lets see...You could just chop potatoes or turnips raw, and sprinkle them with a bit of salt, I LOVE this lol sounds gross, but seriously I could fill up before dinner when mymom is making potatoes or turnips..

Hope this helps!:)

thank you:)

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