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Eating 4-5 eggs a day bad?

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I eat 4-5 eggs a day, everyday. I usually have two in the mornining and the rest in the afternoon or evening. Is it too much cholesterol? Is this healthy?

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Eggs contain lecithin which reduce your absorption of cholestrol, so it's fine.. But i'd like to add that if you're eating a very high sugar diet the high levels of insulin in your blood will counter that and it will be a problem. 

So... body chemistry wise... no it's not a problem if the rest of your diet balances it out. As long as the rest of your diet is mainly good carbs and not a lot of refined sugar you're fine. Hope this helps!

From Ask Mary, our resident nutritionist:

The yolk of an egg is high in cholesterol but only a small amount passes into the blood and so they have little impact on blood cholesterol levels; however, saturated fat and trans fat have a huge effect and should be limited. One egg yolk contains 1.6 grams of saturated fat; 22 grams is the daily limit on a 2000 calorie diet. Egg yolks are jam packed with essential fats, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). Egg white is the highest quality protein found in any food. The American Heart Association sanctions one egg a day. Read more about eggs and cholesterol at

I think you are fine as long as the rest of your diet is balanced (fruits, veggies, other sources of protein, whole grains, dairy).

Monitor your health though.  See your doctor regularly to make sure nothing bad is happening.  But as long as you and your diet are healthy and balanced, I think eating 4-5 eggs every day is fine. :)

I eat 3 eggs almost every morning, cooked with Pam, and 2 pieces od ww toast. It's like a ritual and keeps me full and happy enough to be able to eat lighter for lunch. I love eggs!

5 eggs add up to about 400cals if boiled. If the eggs are the only excess you make then it should be fine. But add them on top of fast food, sodas, sweets or lots of fried stuff and it stops being fine.

The cholesterol we eat has very little effect on our blood cholesterol, and the fat in eggs are healthy including the 1.5 g's saturated fat. Palmitic acid (16:0) which is the most abundant saturated fat in an egg actually promotes Pattern A or large bouyant LDL particles, which are anti atherogenic, yup, not all LDL is bad. The other benefit of the saturated fat in an egg is it also raises our HDL......and of course all the other beneficial nutrients in an egg.......



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