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Can Eating too much dried fruit really make you GAIN weight!?

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I find that I’m obsessed with dried fruit. It may sound strange but I could sit down and eat a whole bag of prunes! The surprising thing is I think I have immunity to the fiber because I have never experienced diarrhea from them. Gross I know. 

Anyway, I usually meet my recommended caloric intake for a day perfectly but I always forget the dried fruit snacking! One box of raisins, 5 prunes, and a few apricots later I’m 230 calories over my CC!! Is this bad! Can I seriously be eating too much dried fruit and gain weight!? If I cut back on my other foods to make up for the fruit I get too hungry and bingeL.

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I suggest two things to keep in mind:

First. Too much of anything can make you gain weight :)) Calorie is a calorie. 230  calories is the same amount of energy whether it comes from 60 g of sugar or 25 g of mayo. No single food is actually making you gain weight, or lose weight for that matter. Some types of food may make you feel hungry shortly after, some food fill you up faster, but again, calorie is a calorie...

Second. Dried fruit typically contains quite a bit of sugar (you can check the label if you don't believe me) and sugar is known to cause so-called insulin spikes, which for some insulin-resistant people may cause hypoglycemia which in turn makes you feel hungry again...

but bottom line is: as long as your total calorie intake is under control and the sugar that dried fruits contain does not make you feel even hungrier, that shouldn't really matter... you should be ok...

good answer candlelight.
Dried fruits are misleading in that you're tempted to eat a bunch because they're so small and "good for you," but they actually have more calories and sugar than raw fruit. Just be careful with portions, check the serving size. A serving of prunes is around five for 100 calories, if I remember correctly but a raw plum is only around 60 calories. I love prunes, too. :) You might want to try eating more raw low calorie fruits, or just limit your portions of dried fruits/eat them as special treats.

Dried fruit is high in sugar, but it's also high in fiber.  Even if you don't get diarrhea, it's still fiber, so you're going to pass it eventually. 

Anyway, my point is that you shouldn't eat a bag of prunes a day, but some snacking on any dried fruit probably isn't terrible.  Drink a lot of water with it to properly utilize all that fiber. 

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