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Is eating too many apples bad for health?

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I love apples and eat 3 apples a day. But I've just found a web site that tells me eating too many apples isn't good for health because it may rise blood sugar levels, or increase neutral fat. According to the web site, we should eat an apple (150g) a day. It that really so? Am I eating too many apples?

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Eat your freaking apples!

Good grief. That's a new one.  _-_ 


Apples are one of the things you probably couldn't eat too many of if you tried.

Apples are fairly harmless.  You can get a stomach-ache if you eat too many, however, because they are quite high in pectins and tannins.  Make sure you're getting a good range of other foods besides the apples, and try some other fruits occasionally.... variety is the spice of life.

Everything in moderation, I say.  I agree with gi-jane, too: throw in some variety.  Fruit is amazing!  Haha.  And, hey, fruit is definitely better for you than cookies or chips or something!  So it's probably good that you're worried about apples.

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Eat as many apples as you can

gosh, i hope that's not true.  sounds ridiculous, i love my apples.
Original Post by carleyrapp:

Eat your freaking apples!

ABSOFRICKENLUTLEY!!!!  I eat a minimum of two a day EVERYDAY....most day's more than that....nothing bad (knock on wood) has come of it so far (I've been eating them like this for the last 15 years).  They don't make me gain and they're super filling!!  I eat them on Jello, and on salad, and with my yogurt, and jesh...the list goes on and on!!!

Apples are probably one of the most versatile fruits out there - they can be paired with practically anything.

Is it me, or is anyone else getting confused at this trend of questioning the health benefits of eating fruit?  "Will it make me fat"  "Is it healthy"...etc...Yell

Unless you have actual blood sugar issues, eat the fruit!!!!!

 I won't list the dozens upon dozens of reputable sites that suggest eating apples is, indeed, very healthy for us.  Yes, there are sites that suggest eating too many apples a day add to our sugar intake, yada yada and blah blah.  Unless there is some rare reason you should not be eating apples, eat them pretty much whenever you want.

There is the oft-used axiom:  All things in moderation.  But I am not sure that always applies to healthy eating.  Do we only want to eat healthy in moderation?  Eating 1-3 apples a day is healthy, in my opinion.  I don't consider that immoderate.

I often eat 3 apples a day and I often drink 100% apple juice.

Of course, one should have other fruits and vegetable on a daily basis, but if one could only eat one fruit or vegetable a day, apples are as good as choice as any, if not a better choice.

As a rule, eating fruit is a better option to drinking the juice bought from the store. Often, there is a lot of added sugar, read: calories. Not to mention, bad for the teeth. On the other hand, eating apples can actually clean the teeth when they are consumed after a meal.

I am a voracious apple eater. I feel great physically and lead a very healthy lifestyle with lots of activity. I run near ever day and take many walks/hikes. My mental acuity is pretty sharp. I mean, I am only 28 years old, so no surprise there. But, as many people on the forum have already indicated; if you must indulge, apples aint a bad choice.

I have also heard that it is possible to drink too much water and suffer complications. But (aside from incidences of drowning) how often does that really happen when people are just feelin' thirsty? Maybe there is something in those apples that your body needs. Chomp away!

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