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Can you eat Sushi on a Diet ??

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I mean like a Cali roll .. Philly Roll  etc . ? Or is it better to stay away ?

And which ones are better to eat there .

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great question - I'd like to know the answer, too.

I love Japanese food!

I think the occasional Cali roll is fine, but dont forget that it's got that Japanese mayo in it which is super fattening. I'm not sure about the Philly Roll, since I've never had one. On the whole, sushi is a healthy food but just remember to keep portion control because they still contain a considerable amount of calories and fat. If you're eating the cooked items on Japanese menus, keep in mind that they can be high in sodium, especially anything mentioning "miso".

A few items perhaps ideal to keep away from would be tempura (deep fried!), fatty tuna and salmon belly (lots of fat), anything with Japanese mayo. If you like edamame, try asking them to make it without adding all that salt.

^The Philly roll has cream cheese and salmon in it. My fiance loves it but I really like veggie rolls which are fantastic for you. They only have vegetables, rive, and seaweed. Yum.
I eat sushi every few weeks.  Alex and I make our own most of the time because it's a fun activity, and I can control what I put in it, but whenever we go out for sushi, I don't hold back.  I'll eat whatever looks delicious and still manage to lose weight.
ok thank you .. i just started my diet this week .. and i usually have sushi at least once a week .. i will try the veggie ones ..
Sushi is generally a healthy food - high protein, low in fat.  But the rolls usually include things like mayo and other more fattening things.

So, try to stick to nigiri sushi (plain fish on rice) or sashimi (just fish).  You can eat a lot more of that than you can the rolls, as a rule.

CC does have a lot those items in its database (i.e., rainbow rolls, etc.), so you can look up your favorite things and compare to see which ones are better and stick to those!  Maybe not exactly the same as the sushi bar you visit, but probably close enough.
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Stay away from anything tempura, i.e. tempura shrimp roll, crunchy roll, etc. No philly rolls either, they hav full fat cream cheese. I mean this is if you are trying to diet while eating sushi, if you are just going to have it, go for it! Sushi is delicious. If you are trying to stay lo cal, go for tuna rolls, spicy tuna, veggie rolls, and CA rolls(the kind with no mayo). Pretty much if you stay away from fried and cream cheese, you should be fine. The absolute best is sashimi. No rice and no added fat, just straight fish. I prefer it, but it can be expensive. But generally, sushi is healthy. 
i think it all depends on how its prepared, i've heard at some restaurants each roll is 300-400 cals!!! 

i got lucky last week and found some at my local grocery store in the seafood section and it had nutrition info on it!! 4 mini california rolls were only 100 cals and they were super filling =)
Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll have sushi for dinner!
If you don't mind cooking a bit, you can find some recipes on how to make japanese rice online (I have a rice cooker, which makes it SOOOO much easier).  I mastered the rice and rice vinegar pretty quickly actually.

I am saying this because I used to work in a sushi restaurant, and the amount of white rice they usually put on the roll is more than the serving size which is already around 160 (kokuho rose, 160 cals for 1/4 cup).  That means even a cucumber roll can have around 300+ calorie, just for one roll! 

Best thing is to buy a cheap rice cooker, learn how to make the rice and sushi shu (sushi rice vinegar), and make it yourself, that way you can measure or weigh your serving sizes and enjoy your sushi even on a 1200 cal a day diet.

Just a tip!
Can you see yourself never eating a certain food, in this case, California rolls, again?

If the answer is 'yes', then don't eat it. If it's no, I recommend trying to work it into your eating plan.

"Diets" based on deprivation only set you up for failure. Just eat less.
A good diet includes all foods, just some in more moderation then others! Don't deprive.

I've had sushi 3x since starting to eat healthier and I've managed to loose 10 pds in ~6 weeks. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but sushi is extremely filling to me. I sometimes have to actually make myself eat more later in the day to maintain my calories. So while it may be considered high in calories, if it's stopping food cravings and you're not pigging out on the tempura and cream cheese ones, there should be no issues.

Original Post by wthing897:

I mean like a Cali roll .. Philly Roll  etc . ? Or is it better to stay away ?

And which ones are better to eat there .

It depends what diet you're on. Low carb? No.

Or, are you making lifestyle choices? If you're changing your lifestyle, then you can eat whatever you want, but you have to make it work. Plan out your calories and fit it in! aspx?id=7634 sushi_anyone.shtml


** Here are a few websites to help you out! Now you can make the decision of whether or not eating sushi on a diet is good or bad.... I would say stick to sashimi (sushi without the rice) - there is less calories so you can eat more of it!! PLUS it is absolutely amazing, by far my favorite cuisine!!

Original Post by wthing897:

I mean like a Cali roll .. Philly Roll etc . ? Or is it better to stay away ?

And which ones are better to eat there .

Cali rolls are an absolutely not. Cali rolls consist of imitation crab mixed with mayonnaise, which is full of unhealthy fat(which makes it good, tho fatty, substitute for eggs in baking). 

 Normal raw sushi is absolutely fine to eat on a diet. It's low in calories, has plenty of brain nutrients in the fish. In fact, one day I plan to just spend a whole day eating nothing for sushi. :D

When I decided to start eating better, I discovered sushi, although some won't call california and veggie rolls sushi.  I have learned like others say buy a rice cooker, and you can make your own with brown rice a healther choice, and lots of time i just through all the things i like together and don't bother rolling them, that takes a science and a higher calorie rice to do.  If eating out, lots of places are starting to carry brown rice sushi you just have to ask!!!!  And I eat sushi every other day atleast!  And I'm losing!!!!

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Good thread timing.... I'm going to a Japanese buffet tonight with entire family :\
(Last time I did that, I ate so much that I wanted to hurl for the next hour... I was in sooo much pain. (lack of self control that makes me get that last plate that just kills me)

I would ask for California w/out mayo... (but I don't want to look like a freak in front of everyone. I don't think Id hear the end of it....So i guess i'll just have to enjoy it the way it is....)

Any other good choices?? (although my main issue is portion control anyways... and not being able to stop once I start)

Sushi is a good way to lose weight but it is the rice that gets you with the fat mainly. I am not a fan for the fried stuff at all. A way to enjoy sushi and maintain a healthy weight is to have more sashimi (fish only) and have some rice (maki sushi - rolls)

I eat sushi from trader joes for lunch a lot.  They make brown rice california rolls that are about 300 cals for the 2 servings that come in the container, 8 peices of sushi.  I guess since its labeled its easier since I know how many cals are in it, but it is probably hard to tell if you are ordering it out exactly what they are putting in it.  

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