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Is it OK to eat the same foods regularly?

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I eat the same types of foods all the time. For example, breakfast is always scrambled eggs on toast, weetabix, or porridge oats with fruit. Lunch is always a sandwich or pitta bread with lean meats as the filling – or a salad (usually with turkey, chicken and various vegetables.)

My dinners I rotate a little more – I try and make sure I have something different most days. An average week would be something like: M: Lean steak, mash, vegetables, T: Baked potato, beans, salad W: Chicken in white wine sauce, mash, vegetables Th: Whole-wheat pasta and a tin of tuna Fri: Chicken breast, sweet potato, vegetables Sat: Brown rice, mushrooms, chicken and peppers in a black bean sauce Sun: Spanish Omelette and salad or a chicken/turkey roast.  For snacks I tend to stick to fruit, vegetables, yoghurts, cottage cheese and lean meats.

It feels like a pretty basic diet compared to other people on here (when I read their nutritional reports.) However, I always get the correct amount of calories and rarely score lower than an A-grade nutritional report (unless I drink or eat chocolate – which I don’t do very often.)

My question – is it OK to stick to similar basic foods on a regular basis? Or is there a need to always have a wide variety. If it’s fulfilling your nutritional requirements and you enjoy the foods, I assume it is ok. But I get anxious when I look at other people’s exotic sounding menus. I like plain and boring foods! 


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It's absolutely ok. The only thing you might want to rotate are your fruits and veggies. It's good to buy what's in season, fresh, and local when possible.


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I'm NO expert, but I would think it's fine! I think you mention spmrwhere you are meeting your nutritional needs. The only problem I see is that you MIGHT get a little sick of these foods eventually.

I actually have a very similar diet. I keep my portions fairly low to accommodate my 1600 cals a day, And have been losing a lb a week.

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When I started my weight loss journey, I found foods that I liked and were nutritionally balanced and so I stuck with them and didn't vary my diet a lot. At one point I literally ate the same thing for lunch for 2 or 3 months straight.

After a while I started to get bored with what I was eating and so I slowly added more variety to my diet while still getting the proper balance of the 4 food groups.  For example, for carbs I'll switch between couscous, quinoa, rice, etc.  For protein I'll choose between chicken, fish, eggs, beans and so on.

I have one concern with someone eating the same thing continually.  The way I understand nutrition is that all foods have different types and combinations of nutrients in them. By eating a variety of foods, you benefit from all their various nutrients and micro-nutrients. 

That said, you seem to have some variety in your diet so I wouldn't be too concerned.

I generally eat the same things every single day... with maybe a tiny bit of variation of protein at dinner time and lunch time, and I have an absolutely clean bill of health. If anything eating slightly the same foods (albeit healthy and full of nutrients) every day is actually a good way to control weight - Dr. Oz has even said that too! So don't even worry about it.

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