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I eat meat and I get sick?

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Hello, lately I've been getting sick whenever I eat meat, like heavy meat like pork or steak. I usually only eat things like pasta, or other cooked meals like that. And the other day my girlfriend's dad cooked pork for dinner, and I ate it. Practically immediately after that I almost threw up, and got the runs. I had gas and an upset stomach the day after that, and later that night I got the runs again, which completely ruined my night with my girlfriend. This only happens when I eat hard meat or heavy meat like steak and whatnot.


Is it because I only eat light food, and I'm not used to stuff like that? Or should I be worried about something else?

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Where does the meat come from? Is it organic? Is it from a standard factory farm? Did the animals live the majority of their lives inside of a building? Were they fed diets high in soy and corn rather than grass and insects? Was it undercooked? Eating undercooked meat from factory farms can cause illness. These are things to consider when getting sick from meat. Also, eating protein by itself drops your blood sugar and release cortisol, so try having it with a cup of coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and see if that helps. You can also try adding a few teaspoons of powdered gelatin to the meat or into your drink to get more glycine with the meat. Or you could have the gelatin in the form of jello or another recipe or made from bone broth. Here is an instructional video on how to make bone broth:   Muscle meats are high in tryptophan and low in glycine, which isn't the best amino acid balance, which is why you should balance them with gelatin. Most adults are getting too much tryptophan in their diets and not nearly enough glycine. When people used the entire animal for food, rather than just the muscle meats, this wasn't a problem as they were getting a healthy balance of amino acids. Whey protein shakes are even higher in tryptophan than the muscle meats, so these should be avoided.

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