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how to eat less than 1800 calories per day

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i'm really trying to keep my calorie intake between 1200-1800, but it's really hard for me. by 3pm, i've already had 2000 calories. i always have oatmeal, half a bagel with cream cheese, hash brown, a sandwich (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes), and a bag of cookies. i dont want to eat dinner since i already had too many calories. i know i also have to not eat cookies or hash browns. but i like to keep something sweet in my daily diet. so, are there any suggestions of what i should eat every day? i need a really really low calorie dinner and a decent lunch.

btw, i go to school and it's really hard to find something healthy in the cafeteria. i dont want salad, because i still end up getting hungry.
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erm, this might not help but it normaly ends up at 1,300 for me before i add snacks

Just add the MAIN meals for the day, on C.C and then see how many cals you have left for snacking. Normaly its just under 1,400 for 3 meals. But thats how i do it - so thought i would share.
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Keep the oatmeal, dump the bagel and cream cheese and hash browns. Add a source of protein in the morning.

Change the cheese to turkey breast. Dump the cookies and buy some dark chocolate squares and keep them in the freezer. Have one of them each day after your sandwich.

Don't skip dinner. If you want something light, have milk and cheerios for dinner.
i agree with keuperc...forget the bagel...cream cheese and hash for the cookies...DON'T eat the WHOLE bag...have 1...cut down a bit on it...if you want something sweet...there's still something sweet...just not a whole bag of it...your sandwich is probably okay...but maybe do an open-top sandwich...2 slices of regular bread is already 200 Cals (if the slices are those gourmet breads...that's already 300-400 Cals...)...that's my tip for you...

so taking all of your comments into consideration, i should have for breakfast: oatmeal

i'll have to have something in between bfast and lunch since they're pretty far apart for me so many i'll have a banana?

lunch: sandwich, lettuce, tomato (i dont like turkey so i think i'll just have 1 slice of cheese instead of the 6 slices she always puts in)

dinner: a salad or cereals.

and then i'll have a small dessert or something. (i'm trying to leave the sweets for last in case something comes up and i lose control and have more sweets)

is this ok?
I'll have consumed 1720 calories by the time I've eaten my cookies tonight. Here's what I've had, and my grade for the day is an A-, and I'll point out ahead of time that not all my days are quite like this one!

Chocolate chocolate chip muffin
12 oz coffee with skim milk and sugar

10 large baby carrots with two tbls of hummus (actually, I had this a bit before lunch)
Broccoli/rice/cheese casserole (from the cafeteria)
CocoaVia chocolate bar

Steak (tenderloin, 6.4 ounces!, broiled)
1.5 cups broccoli
1 small baked potato with one pat of butter and fat-free sour cream

Fat-free apricot-mango yogurt (Trader Joe's)
Low-fat cat cookies (10 of them -- they are small -- also by Trader Joe's)
One fun-sized Three Musketeers bar

Yes, I like chocolate. :-D Will post the nutrition data in a moment, but I do know it's high in fat -- about 33%.
Here's the nutrition info:

Fat - 32.1% (63 grams)
Protein - 21.9% (96 grams)
Carbohydrates - 46.0% (202 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Daily Sodium Intake - 1,660 mg
Daily Cholesterol Intake - 271 mg
Daily Fiber Intake - 20 grams

For a woman my age, 21 grams of fiber is recommended; for someone younger, the recommendation is 25 grams, so my day is higher than it should be in fat, lower in fiber than it should be, but otherwise, not too terrible, even with all the junk!

Will post a more typical day shortly.
i agree with everyone about all of the stuff they've suggested. the main thing is eating protein. also, for the sweetness, you could eat carob chocolate instead of reagular chocolate, it has less than 1/17 of the fat of regular chocolate and a lot less calories. its really good, too!
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it sounds like you are really eating a lot of carbs.  things like a bagel or hashbrowns are hi-cal, low energy foods.  try incorportaing more lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  i was amazed when i realized that if i paid attention to my body, i was just as full after an apple as i was after a bagel and cream cheese.  and everybody is right.  no need to cut out the sweets, just be moderate.  hang in there!  it took me a long time to figure out what works for best for me and it's different for every person.  a lot of it is trial and error.  pay attention to how your body feels after you eat.  if you eat oatmeal for breakfast when are you hungry next v. if you eat an egg white omelet.  personally, i'm satisfied for longer when i'm getting plenty of protein with each meal.
Try this!  Eat more but get fewer calories!
If you're looking for something sweet instead of cookies, try frozen red grapes. They're super sweet, and they're good for you! I love em. 
Where's the fruit?  If you want something sweet...have a piece of fruit.  Have a mid-morning snack (a banana or apple)... and have a mid-afternoon snack as well. 
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Back in late July, I did a colon cleanse.  Since that time, I have not been as hungry as before.  I have been skipping meals, pushing meals off to a later date and generally not eating as much during meals. 

I just turned 38 a couple days ago. 

If you're about my age, a colon cleanse may help you to reduce your hunger levels.  I theorize that I'm getting more nutrition from a smaller amount of food intake and my body is satisfied with less. 

I've probably lost about 20 - 25 pounds in the last 4 months without doing anything other than the colon cleanse in late July.

In fact, I have not changed my intake of sugar (which I should because I'm diabetic, but that's another story).  I have also eliminated artificial sweeteners, so my metabolism may have returned to a normal level.

I have more energy, desire less food and feel great.  :)  I have no clue what my caloric intake is.  I think I'd rather die than diet, to be honest.  :(  Oh, one other change, I make sure I have a good solid protein intake in the morning and forego any kind of carbohydrate.  That really kicks me off in the morning without adding a bunch of fat-producing carbs early on.
" so taking all of your comments into consideration, i should have for breakfast: oatmeal

i'll have to have something in between bfast and lunch since they're pretty far apart for me so many i'll have a banana? "

No--you need protein in the morning--otherwise you'll find yourself eating a whole bag of cookies in the afternoon. Try a hard-boiled egg, some peanut butter on toast, ...something with protein and a bit of fat to keep the blood sugar from plunging and causing carbs cravings every few hours.
did you know that a bagel has the same amount of calories as a doughnut from Dunkin Donuts?

now THATS why I gave up my bagels
"did you know that a bagel has the same amount of calories as a doughnut from Dunkin Donuts?

now THATS why I gave up my bagels"

What is the difference in the sugar? How many calories in half a bagel?
Do you like tuna? That's a good option for a sandwich if you don't like turkey. Grilled chicken is also good. If you want to skip the sandwich, you coud always have a bean salad off of the salad bar. Lots of fiber and protein!
I had a bagel for breakfast this morning. 150 calories. It was yummy!

Lots of things have the same number of calories as a doughnut. I'm not going to give up everything with that number of calories just because the number matches a doughnut's!
Where did you get that bagel!?!  Tell me!  Tell me NOW!!!
What I have on an average day.

2 Piece whole grain toast dry, 170

1 Serv Peanut butter, 80

1 Can of tuna, 120

1 Can of tuna, 120

Then I have about 800 Cals for supper, try and stay away from the simple carbs.
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