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what to eat late, Late, LATE at night

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I've been pulling a lot of all-nighters lately, and probably will be pulling more as finals and AP tests draw closer. If it's really late at night, say 1 or 2 am, I tend to get cravings for all sorts of sweets to ease my suffering.

With metabolism so low at that hour, what would be okay to eat? WHat would be good to help me stay awake besides coffee/cafeine?
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I'd say go with the "negative calorie" foods ... lotsa fruits n veggies, but I forget which ones. They take more calories to digest than you actually take in.
My first suggestion would be... don't pull all-nighters! If you're tired the day of the test, chances are you won't do as well as you would if you got a good night's sleep the night before.

If you really have to, here's what I do:

  • Chew lots of gum.
  • Take frequent study breaks and go walk around. It's nice if you can go outside but if it's going to be unsafe at night, even just a 5 minute walk around your house will rejuvenate you.
  • If you need a long study break, go take a shower. That will wake you up.
  • Bananas give a good burst of energy, so if you're absolutely exhausted, that might charge you up.
  • I usually end up allowing myself one can of diet soda if I absolutely have to stay up. I'm technically off caffiene, but I drink it when I need it.
  • If you're so tired that you really can't stay up, sleep. I know it feels like you're giving up, but your body will thank you and you will be so much more alert for the test.
That's just how I do it. Feel free to alter :)
There has been a study that has just come out about eating late at night saying that your metabolism doesn't really slow down, so as long as it is in your caloric range, eat whatever you want to eat...
Here is the link to the article 060202080832.htm

The trick is not to over eat... Good luck, I'm in the same boat as you are with exams!
thank you stooks for the article. lanicita, your tips are very helpful as well (I especially like your shower suggestion) xuraiya, I am a late eater on a regular basis and been through those long preparation nights many times. based on my experience, I usually don't feel good eating late for these reasons: 1) in case I go to bed very soon - almost right after I eat; 2) psychologically I still feel that I need to eat during the day, so I overeat overall; 3)food is not a cure against staying up late although I want to think so lol. however, I find that an apple can help me through and does not make me feel too bad. bottom line: I don't agree that metabolism slows down at night but if you are a daytime person in general (sleep at night, awake during the day), you simply tend to overeat if you eat all day long and don't sleep

i think i got lost oops sorry hope you got the point - take a shower and try to not to procrastinate. good luck with the exams!
It's been a while since I pulled an all-nighter, but what I /do/ remember is this...:: grins :: anything crunchy, and carrots end up perfectly in that catagory, or celery, or things like that, and spicy foods/salsas to dip them in!

The crunch is good, and the spicy food does a couple of things: it keeps your metabolism up, makes you drink water, and gives me at least, a little wake up boost!

Hope that helps!
A turkey roll up or sandwich helps you sleep and is not bad for you ;0)

A cup of low fat cocoa and a weight watchers bagel toasted is only 150 calories and really filling.

Fat Free cool whip with strawberries dipped in melted chocolate is decadent and not fatteneing very much

Carrot and celery sticks with hummus dip is also satisfying for those who like to dip and crunch.
wow, thanks you guys, I really didn't expect to get a response (I'm new here).

readnchick, I'm intrigued about "negative calories", could you tell me more about them?

for those concerned about my tests--I just mostly have way too much homework for me to handle these days. I'm juggling 5 Advanced Placement classes, and I go to school an hour early to take an extra course and bump up my GPA, and I dedicate time to practicing piano every day because I compete. Pretty much, all-nighters come from too much to do. I'll just be more careful about course selections next year.

stooks: usually by that late at night, I have definitely already eaten my caloric max for the day! =( Maybe I can take it off the next day? Which day does it fall under?

diamroyal, the spicy dip advice is interesting, but I fear that if I have finger food available, I'll just keep eating, even when I'm not hungry any more!
Go Here to learn about negative calorie foods.
If I get hungry late at night, and I know I'm gonna be up a few more hours, I do eat.  I try to pick something as healthy as possible, though, just like any other time of day.  If you're craving sweets, eat fruit, have a glass of chocolate milk, or maybe eat a fat-free pudding cup.

You do have to worry about eating late if you're going to bed soon, though.  Try not to eat for at least three or four hours before you go to bed.
i eat before i sleep pretty often too. I think having a night snack is fine, because i won't wake up hungry and have a big big meal for breakfast! Try something that's chewy but doesn't have alot calories, [something low in fat and protein] ----> seaweed snack!!

it's high in calcium, Vitamin C and 10 packs of snack only have 45 cals; plus they are so yummy and fulfilling and good for skin! You can buy them @ any oriental stores, ask for seasoned seaweed [not the one for sushi!] -peace!
Just want to add that eating something sweet when you're already tired will only make your blood-sugar level plummet after a short while and you'll be just as - if not more - tired than before.  My suggestion: airpopped popcorn (5 cups popped is only about 110 calories!) and possibly a diet soda to go with it.
Tea or V8, rice cakes, and any crunchy raw vegetables should curb the hunger and provide some energy :)
I personally prefer to wake up hungry, because that allows me to consume a good breakfast. On those days that I miss it because I simply don't feel hungry, things usually don't go as smooth as otherwise - it definitely affects my mood and happiness.
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Green tea!! (it also has cafeine so that should help, but really if you're body is tellling you to go to sleep sometimes it's best to lisen)
The break to make it will help you relax. I always get hungry when I studying but I know it's my body just trying to have an excuse to stop... tea is a great idea, baby carrotes, a cut up apple...

But honestly, pulling an alnighter really won't be that helpful. Try and get lots of sleep AND excercise, take a break to go for a 20 minture jog or walk, you'll find it clears your head, and makes it easier to concentrate. Sleep is key, when you're writting 3 hour long exams you need to be as alter as possible!

Study hard, eat healthy, and get excercise! I know it's hard (I just finished my finals for 2nd year University), but honestly, you'll notice the difference. My parents were always telling me to get exercise and contiue going to the gym, so I finally tried it this semester and what a difference, my head felt so much more alert and I could study for longer periods of time without getting tired or burnt out.
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