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i love love love  bread like those french breads fresh from albertsons yum ...well anyways im trying to give up bread im wondering what else can i eat ...that will keep me full but not like a ton of carbs....and i used to eat whole sandwhiches now im down to half a sandwhich ....i notice when i do cut it out i lose  weight  but i always end up eating it again ... help any alternatives...

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You don't really need to give up bread if you really like it - carbs are not the enemy.  I do suggest that you stick with whole grain breads instead of white or french.

However, if you insist on low carb, there are low carb breads as well as low carb tortillas

I don't think you should give up bread if you like it because you'll only end up craving and/or bingeing.  Just eat less of it.   Maybe use a smaller amount of bread for the lunchtime sandwich but find alternatives the rest of the day?  Cereals or porridge oats for breakfast, for example... potatoes, pasta, rice or noodles with supper. 

Then make your own sandwiches rather than buying them out so that you're not eating 'half a sandwich'.  I'd also recommend using wholegrain bread as it's more filling than white.  Buy uncut loaves so that you can slice it thinly or try  wholemeal pittas ...  they're pretty lightweight.  And fill your sandwiches with lots more lean proteins, salads etc so that they're more satisfying. 
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I am with you on this one. But unfortunately I am one of those people who have to ration my bread consumption or I WILL NOT lose weight.

I suggest high fiber grain breads or sourdough (it is acidic and that somehow makes a difference with your sugar levels). They also make low carb wheat tortilla's (Wal-Mart has them). They are delicious and they don't turn rubbery if microwaved. Publix also has a different brand and they have plain or wheat - both are good but the wheat is better tasting.

You can also make your own muffins and stuff at home to monitor your carb intake while increasing your protien/fiber intake.

I have your problem as well. I am well known for my love to just consume bread by the slice. One thing I have tried to do is buy the double fiber wheat bread so if I do eat too much then there will be consequences whether I like it or not. I also tried ezekiel bread because it is frozen and actually gives me some time to think before I stuff it in my mouth. If I figure anything out though, I will let you know
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