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I am not sure if I am posting this in the right area, but here goes...

I usually eat 1 serving of oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast. Usually with protein or fruit,, but no matter what I am hungry minutes later.

My grandfather also has the same problem. We cant figure out why this happens?

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have you tried alternating a different breakfast? i eat the quaker weight control oatmeal which keeps me pretty full, or kashi go lean which has tons of fiber and protein to fill you up

I know quite a few people who find oatmeal or porridge isn't all that filling.   Meals that are mostly carbohydrate tend to do that.    Try other breakfast choices with a more substantial protein element.  My personal favourite is a couple of poached eggs on a slice of wholegrain toast.   Good luck

To add to what the others have said, are you drinking anything with your breakfast?  Try drinking a nice tall glass of water, maybe include a small glass of juice or skim milk.

Often hunger can actually be tied into your body being a little dehydrated.

Also, for me, I usually have one and a half servings of oats.  I find that one-serving size doesn't quite meet my dietary needs in the morning even when I add fresh fruit to the mix.  The extra half serving doesn't kill my calories for the day either.

For your fruit are you eating bananas?  They seem to be the most filling fruit I eat.  Bananas with oatmeal should keep your tummy tiger at bay for quite a while.

Easy one: where`s the fat? That`s what gives you the satiety feeling. For a meal to be balanced it should have a good amount of calories coming from fat (~20-30%). Chop a few roasted nuts or seeds and toss `em in your oatmeal for a nice flavour and a satisfied tummy.

A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast will make me hungry ALL DAY. All carbs. Now I eat a 4 egg beater omelet with real chedder cheese & turkey sausage (or a western omelet). Keeps me full for about 5 hours, at least.

 if you eat a good dinner that is loaded with fiber from veggies and protein, you will wake up in the morning ready for  a  balanced breakfast and not feeling hungry..

Jenny8484- I do alternate different breakfasts every week. One week will be cream of wheat, the other cereal and the other oatmeal. I try to put different things in them to mix it up.

gijane-I thought about eating eggs in the morning for a change of pace. I usually just make my boyfriend an egg in the morning,but maybe I should eat one myself!

kaufmkk-I drink at least an 8oz glass of water with my breakfast every morning. I have to make sure I keep up with drinking alot of water. I may try to make some fresh orange juice in the morning for a change of pace.

mommakitty- i do eat a banana with my oatmeal. sometimes i mix it together. ill also eat a banana on the side in the morning after my cream of wheat. I usually put strawberry preserve in it. tastes yummy!

ily51-I thought I wasnt eating enough protein with my carbs so someone suggested try nuts or peanut butter in my oats. I have eaten it this way and still feel hungry afterwards. Perhaps I need to eat a bigger portion?

sherea-It seems like eggs are the way to go in the morning. Ill have to try that instead of the oats or cream of wheat or cold cereal.

safina1-I try to eat at least 1-3 servings of vegges with my meals and at least one serving of meat. I also try to mix it up with some sort of fruit too. Perhaps I am not eating enough of something and my body is trying to tell me something!


Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and comments!

I'm that way with apples. I feel eating an apple makes me more hungry! I've been that way since I was kid. That's why I can't just have apples as a snack not filling enough lol.

I bet it is the carbs in the oatmeal that don't stay with you. I notice if I eat a high carb breakfast I want lunch much sooner. Egg whites with some cheese and veggies scrambled in are very filling. Also if you do it in the microwave it takes no time at all!

If you eat a banana with your oatmeal = more carbs = more hungry. Bananas are also high in sugar which can also trigger hunger.

I guess I will try to stay away from the high carb breakfasts and high sugary stuff. I will try to eat an egg tomorrow with some toast or something and see how that goes!

Another thing to consider is that lot of people believe in eating the most calories for your day in the morning and then less for lunch and the least for dinner.  I'm always hungry within a couple hours (sometimes a couple minutes too!) of breakfast and need something to tide me over until lunch, but I'm not that hungry around dinner time.  Other people can skip breakfast and feel fine or feel "full for hours" after oatmeal but are "starving" by dinner time.  Maybe try to see if eating more earlier in the day and less at dinner time so your total calories are where you want them to be for the day makes you feel better! 

Eat something different,Those 2 foods arent as filling as people think.Like you said,Try eating an egg with a piece or 2 of toast and add a cup of some juice,milk,or water with it too.

I have oatmeal porridge every day for breakfast - as a first course. Then I follow up with sardines on toast or eggs with toast. Lots of protein! I believe in a substantial breakfast and cereal - even stick-to-your-ribs cereal like oatmeal - doesn't cut it on its own.

Sounds like you have gotten some pretty good advice. Another thing is, have you tried cooking your oats in milk or soymilk? That adds protein as well as making the bowl creamy. If not then maybe add a yogurt on the side.

Original Post by boston93:

Sounds like you have gotten some pretty good advice. Another thing is, have you tried cooking your oats in milk or soymilk? That adds protein as well as making the bowl creamy. If not then maybe add a yogurt on the side.

yup I have tried to cook them with milk before. I didnt notice much of a difference. so im eating an egg with my breakfast as i type this :-P

i eat TWO breakfasts every day. I wake up around 7:15 and usually make something like an english muffin, 2 pc toast, or a bagel at 8:05 when i am walking out the door. Then i get to work and around 1015 or 1030 i am usually making a bowl of oatmeal or some cheerios or a yogurt with granola. then lunch at 1230!

Honestly, I'm a major advocate of eating a HUMONGOUS breakfast of HEALTHY stuff.  A serving of cream of wheat and a protein will NOT cut it for me and I would totally be starving within 15 minutes.  Add more fiber to your breakfast so your tummy will be tricked into feeling full...

Here's what I ate for breakfast this morning:

6 oz strawberries: 50 cal

1 small banana: 75 cal

1 slice ww toast: 80 cal

1 tablespoon PB: 100 cal


305 cals total for this healthy and hearty breakfast.  I also walk during my lunch break to stimulate my metabolism.



thats humongous?? lol

i have a bagel w/ PB, 1 cup of yogurt, and an apple, sometimes dried fruit too

good stuff, oh, desk job and i dont have time to take lunch and walk, sounds nice tho!

Are you using regular quick oats or the prepackaged stuff? I found that by using the regular quick oats, and adding fuit and nuts or a substitute like natural peanut butter, is very satisfying.

I like macadamia nuts with a banana or apple. Usually I don't use the whole piece of fruit and only a tablespoon of nuts or peanut butter.

Also, I find that protein at breakfast is more satisfying. I use the egg whites only or a product like egg beaters. I mix in a few mushrooms and cheese and have that with fruit on the side.

I switch between the two breakfasts depending on time. I also have used lite soy milk instead water when making the oatmeal,

Good luck 


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