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What do you eat hummus with?

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I finally got to taste hummus and think it is pretty yummy. What does everone eat it with? I sampled it on a cracker but I was hoping for some suggestions as to what else it tastes good with. I bought "classic hummus" - anyone have favorite flavors of it? I am excited to try new snacks and love the nutritional value it seems to have. Thanks!
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Pita Chips, raw veggies, pretzels, I think we put it on bagel sandwiches once too.  Yummy Stuff. 

We tried Red Pepper Hummus, and we didn't like it much.
All great dip choices above, also add cucumber strips.  YUMMY!
You can put some in a pita or on bread for a sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers and any other of your fav veggies.
The last time I bought hummus, I got sundried tomato basil and it was great. On the container, it says that you can have it with pasta. I don't know how I feel about that though! But I generally have it with pita or with a 100 calorie pack of wheat thins for a quick snack.
spicy hummus is really good, I eat it on pita chips and sandwiches.
I love garlic hummus!!! I eat it on sandwiches, with veggies but my favorite is to eat it with naan, although that doesn't really fit into my healthy eating. I have actually used it as a dressing for my salad and I thought it was really good.
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i serve it with breadsticks ( i like those from granforno and the ones you can get at oil & vinegar) - as an appetizer

even my bf likes it :-)
I like it on whole wheat pita, with vegetables, and stuffed into romaine lettuce heart leaves - nice and crunchy. 
EVERYTHING! Carrots, celery, pita bread, and pizza crust is my new found favorite. My friends always give me their pizza crust, and one day I had hummus with me, so I just tried it!
I love the 40 spices or 3 peppers and eat them on tomato slices, no salt tortilla chips, carrots, or on a toasted whole wheat english muffin with cukes and onions.
I usually eat it with pita bread and its really nice with pickles and pepper on the side. If you sread it (the hummus) on a plate and put some cooked mince meat over the top its wonderful!
I get Vegetable Hummus because it's got that herb taste to it, I also LOOOVE Pesto hummus.  It is good on pita bread, wheat thins, veggies.

I spread it on my sandwiches in place of mayonnaise - it adds extra flavor that is great!
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I can't wait to try some of the ideas!
Pita Bread!! : D
pitta bread,carrot sticks etc are all good options!
black olives sliced on top, pita bread, sliced red peppers---it's just amazing that way, to me!
I eat it with a spoon! 
I eat it with lots of veggies and it is great on sandwhiches and in pitas, but my favorite has to be with sweet bell peppers, red, green or yelloww. I can eat a ton of them, with a little hummus on it, especially if the hummus has lots of garlic in it.

Which no doubt doesn't increase my popularity with those who have to sit next to me.
pita bread - i toast it myself and break it into bits

roasted red pepper hummus - mmmmmmmmmm
Eat it with chicken.

We have a lebanese store near our house and they sell the shish-taouk chicken.  Cook that on the BBQ and dip pieces in the hummus.  mmm.
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