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What are you going to eat to hold you over until Christmas dinner?

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I'm having my Christmas dinner around 5:00, and I don't want to arrive starving, or else I'll feel like eating the whole table, and besides I get weak and shaky feeling if I don't eat enough all day.  I'm looking for ideas on low calorie things I can eat for breakfast and/or lunch to keep me energized and my metabolism firing until dinner time.  I am planning on going for a brisk walk during the day as well.  Any ideas are much appreciated.
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For breakfast we are having pancakes and bacon.
For lunch veggies and dip.
For breakfast we'll have toast and coffee.  For lunch we'll have "dinner" with Alex's family.  Something about a roast, a Yorkie pudding, a green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, ice cream, mashed potatoes, a pumpkin roll, and all of that other nasty stuff that Alex will wolf down and I'll sit and watch, content with the toast in my stomach and anxiously awaiting the Ramen I'll eat when we're done there.

Alex and I don't celebrate Christmas.  Our families do, so we don't do anything special between us.  Just another normal day.

Breakfast will be an english muffin with hummus, and high fiber cereal and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze. (normal 300 calorie breakfast)

Lunch will be steamed broccoli, an apple, and a turkey and cheese sandwich. (normal 400 calorie lunch)

Dinner is grilled asparagus, roasted acorn squash, and yellowfin tuna sashimi salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. (about 575 calories)

Yum! Yum! Yum!

=^..^= MOLLY

I'm eating at my grandmother's house at 1. So I always eat oatmeal (2 packs, then 1 bowl) with 2 Honey Nut Granola bars.  If i'm a little hungry later on i'll just eat some carrots.
Im eating normal today just like any other day.

Mom is just roasting a turkey 4oz=150 calories and i pick my own sides lol [=. Turkey and oatmeal hahaha lol...ewy no..i dont know yet but i will stay within my caloric limit
Yay!  Alex is making Stranger and Child for breakfast.  THAT will hold me over until we're done at his family's get-together.
We had bread pudding this morning - xmas tradition, my DH's favorite, so couldn't skip it. Made of challah bread, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, dried fruit and nuts. It cooked while we unwrapped presents so we only just ate it around 11 AM. I simply practiced portion control.

Then later I am making xmas dinner, which will be on the early side so it'll count for lunch and dinner. On the menu is: ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli rabe, spaetzle, rolls, pumpkin pie.

Not a low-cal day but I'm going to go running sometime this afternoon to offset the damage.
I had my regular pumpkin oatmeal with fiber one which can keep me full for hours if need be. Drank about 2 cups of coffee slowly. Then i just had a dannon light n fit yogurt 2 hours later. I am also keeping myself busy with housework since family will be coming over soon and we will eat around 2-3.
I had cottage cheese and waaay too many licorice allsorts *shame*

My recommendations (for future) (for New Year's dinner):

1/2 medium cantaloupe  95 cal

"Greek" salad: 2 medium to large tomates, cut in chunks, 1/3 cucumber thin sliced (shaved in grater), a few onion shavings, 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp  balsamic vinegar = 138 calories.  (also, plenty of pepper and some salt).  Kalamata olives at 8 calories each optional.

Also, check out water melon.  A little more sugar but really fills you up.

I also had oatmeal before Xmas dinner - 3/4 cup dry (heart healthy serving) prepared with water  (225 cal) using my special recipe for "oatmeal pudding".  1/2 cup, maybe for a woman.  This gives you a few slow burning carbs for energy, and the soluable fiber is good for you.

At Christmas dinner, I used the "half" principle: take half (or some reasonable fraction of each thing).

Good luck,




I didn't eat anything other than sipping herbal tea as dinner was due at 3:00 and I didn't really get up until about 12:00 anyway. It was delayed though and we didn't get it until 4:45, but I was ok, and it meant I was good to go on the dinner and I didn't even overeat! If I had been really hungry though I was planning to have a big bowl of porridge to really fill me up, but I ended up not having the time anyway.
I had an egg white omelette with veggies for lunch and a snack of cottage cheese and a small banana with peanut butter about 2 1/2 hours prior. Wasn't hungry at all at the dinner table!
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