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When you eat HALF of the banana...

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...what do you do with the other half so you can eat it later?! Is there any way I can keep it somewhat "fresh" so I can have the other half later in the day?
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i put butter over the exposed part. sounds weird i know, but it works. 
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A suggestion, lemon usually delay oxidation, if you put lemon juice to the banana it will slow down oxidation. It works with apples, never tried it in bananas. Let me know.

Interesting on the butter! I don't have any lemon juice so I will have to give the butter a try, but one day I'll try that as well!

So if I were to cut the banana in half @ 7am, and put butter on both exposed ends, it will be good to eat at 930? Do you put it in a baggie or anything, or leave it exposed to air?


i don't put it in anything, the butter seals off the end from the air, so it won't oxidize.

I cut the banana in half with a knife (before peeling the part I am going to eat)...that way the remaining half has an intact peel.  Then, I just leave the part to be saved just as it is. 

I let the exposed end get dark... the rest of the banana that is in the peel is fine.  When I am ready to eat this half, I just cut a very thin slice at the exposed end, and the dark part can be thrown away.  I then peel this half, and it is fine.

P.S.  I leave it exposed to the air, but I'm not picky about that sort of thing.  Just the idea of that might bother others.  I'm liking that butter idea I'm seeing...sounds interesting.
I do what nctracy does!!!!!

I just stick the other half in the fridge!


=^..^=  MOLLY

Sometimes, if I know I'm not going to eat it for a couple of days, I stick it in the freezer.

It makes great popsicle sticks!!! I seriously recommend it. Just eat it frozen and it tastes like a fruit bar that they sell in stores.

i do what nctracy does too, except i put some saran wrap over the exposed end so it doesn't get quite as dark. and also, don't put it in the fridge, it will turn dark faster, put it in the freezer if you really want to keep it cold.

Hmm, maybe if you put it into water? The object is to keep it from being exposed to air.... butter does this (but then you have butter on your banana!!) .... wrapping it does this (but not perfect)... lemon juice will slow it (but not stop it).... where as water will do this without affecting taste (though, im not sure what it would do the texture heh).
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lemon juice works excellently to keep bananas from browning. I find if you peel banana halfway and cut off what you want and recover the banana with the peel and leave it in the fridge, it hardly browns. the recovered part stays white, the cut (or broken) off end browns bit.  I suppose if you cut an unpeeled banana in half and place the inner part of the peel of what you eat tightly over the cut end, it may not brown at all- at least for a day in the fridge.

I find the cut in half with peel on and slap a bit of cling film over the end does the trick, it's still good the following day.

I cut it before I peel it, saran wrap the end, and when i eat it chop off the end 2mm. Or i freeze it
Another "I do what nctracy does".  Just slice through before peeling and its only the very surface of the exposed banana dries.  You can slice it off with the thinnest slice and no extra steps.

I just dont get the lemon thing.  I tried it once in a recipe and though it tasted obvious and horrible.
peel it, throw it in a zip lock bag and put in freezer. 

I slice them and eat frozen.........reminds me of banana ice cream.  They don't turn brown if you use them within 4 days.
Original Post by ohio45:

peel it, throw it in a zip lock bag and put in freezer. 

I slice them and eat frozen.........reminds me of banana ice cream.  They don't turn brown if you use them within 4 days.
I've had bananas in the freezer for weeks, but they've been whole. :P I don't know if it works the same for half of them. But yes, they taste delicious frozen, just don't let them defrost or else they become a big pile of mush. The mush is perfect for banana bread, though. ;)
I really like this question, because now I feel like trying the frozen banana idea for dessert tonight.

I eat half of a banana each morning. I just put the other half in the fridge and it's perfect the next day. You only need to take the very end off and the rest is ready to eat. Lately, I have been keeping my bananas in the fridge all the time. It keeps them from getting over ripe. Even though the outside gets brown, the banana itself  lasts a few days longer.

Even if you happen to leave the banana out - if you cut just the end off, it is fine to eat.

I have a horrible time eating a half of a banana.....but I've found that if I freeze it, I get a lot more satisfaction out of it!  I slice the banana, wrap in saran wrap, put in freezer and then use a few slices on top of sugar free jello with some cook whip, or stick a few in sf pudding - love them so much!!!!!!!!

You could do the same, eat your half, then freeze the rest of it. 

I never eat half of a banana. I buy baby bananas. Solves all issues.  :)

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