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What do I eat at a Greek restaurant??

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I am going to dinner with family to a Greek restaurant tonight.  Please can anyone tell  me what is low calorie to order from this type of restaurant?   
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I looooove Greek food... here are some suggestions:

  • Chicken Kebobs
  • Greek Salad (light on the feta and dressing) with grilled chicken
  • Hummus with veggies
  • Grilled veggies
  • Chicken gyro or souvlaki
  • Grilled fish


I'd go with grilled fish--it's usually great in Greek restaurants!  Maybe also a stuffed grape leaf or two, just because I love them.  :) 
Everything! But in moderation. The best way to eat Greek food is to order a bunch of appetizers and dishes and then eat them family style. You'll want tzatziki (yogurt dip) and melitzanosalata (eggplant dip) and fava (greek hummus) for sure. If you like fish eggs, you can get taromosalata (fish egg dip).  Eat slowly, talk a lot, and you'll find that you don't end up gorging yourself on any one dish. On the downside, it's pretty impossible to log. If you just need a dish you can order, choose one of the simplest preparations possible, like souvlaki (grilled meat) or one of the chicken dishes (take off the skin). Avoid pastisio (greek lasagna), which is absolutely delicious, but not low calorie. Same for the mousakka. Now I'm hungry!
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So much of it aroud here.  Today lunch was a bowl of sweet and sour cabbage soup, a square of saganaki (hopaa!) and 4 small slices of bread, to make the ultimate soup and grilled cheese sandwich.  Total 500 calories.
Greek is Taramosalata is really delish too...even if you dont like fish eggs i highly reccomend trying it because it doenst taste like fish eggs at all. We didn't know what it was but te it then found out what it was and we were! i usually get some kind of grilled lamb..but id go with fish too or even octopus.
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I'm Greek and I wish I would have seen your question yesterday!  I'm responding because most Greek foods are quite healthy and balanced.  Souvlaki is lean and even with a pita, it's nutritious, lowfat and delicious!  Sometimes adding the tzaziki sauce can be a calorie add-on.  If you don't make it, you can't be quite what's being added.  Feta is a relatively lowfat cheese, so of course, a Greek salad, chicken gyros, anything like that is a healthy choice.  Problem foods are spanikopita/tyropita as they are made with filo and layers upon layers of olive oil and cheese.  It's healthy, but very high in fat.  Avegolemono is the Best soup on earth and is high in protein/low in fat.  Good luck and Kali Orexi! 

Souvlaki is great!  It's just chunks of marinated chicked or pork. Most places with offer a platter (just the meat and lettuce/tomatoes on a dish) instead of the traditional pita sandwich.  The tzatziki sauce is just yogurt and cucumbers so it shouldn't set you back too much, and it's tasty! :)

Stay away from gyro meat.  It's good but litearlly DRIPPING with fat :(
So I am looking at a menu from a greek restaurant right now and I say you can eat: - Octopus marinated in wine, olive oil, pepper & herbs - Roasted Eggplant with olive oil, lemon & garlic - Broiled mushroom caops stuffed with crabmeat & onions & garlic - Grilled Calamari - Any salads without the cheese - Any unfried seafood dishes (watch out for sauces & side dishes) - Kebobs - Moussakas: you may be able to get away with a SMALL portion of this! - Any unfried Chicken dishes (same as seafood) AL_GUIDE.pdf

**That website has nutritional info of some greek fare!**
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