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When should I eat fruit?

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When is the best time to eat fruit? I know it probably doesn't matter all that much, but if there is an optimal time for fruit consumption, I'd love to know about it. 


Things I've heard:

-Eat fruit alone, on an empty stomach.

-Eat fruit first thing in the morning.

-Never eat fruit alone, always with protein. 

-Never eat fruit after a meal.

-After a meal, eat fruit for dessert.

-Eat fruit before every meal.

-Eat Melons alone. Only eat one variety of fruit at a time. (I really hope this one isn't true. I love fruit salad.)

-Fruit is okay before noon, but after it should be avoided.


Haha, can you see why I'm confused? Also, have you heard any more "fruit rules" I can add to my list? It's pretty funny how they all contradict each other. So... which if any of these rules are worth following?

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There are no "general fruit rules". I've actually heard of most of those things you listed but you seem to have found them out of their intended context. Each of the "rules" are intended for different purposes. For general weight loss it doesn't matter when you eat fruit.

But I can clarify some of them..

"Eat fruit first thing in the morning"-- this sounds like just a variation of "make sure you eat breakfast". Sure, fruit is supposed to be really good for waking you up (especially apples) but there's no weight loss benefit.

"Never eat fruit alone, always with protein"-- I eat fruit alone without protein all the time.. however this is ONLY as a snack. You always want to have a mix of carbs (fruit is carbs), fats and protein in your meals though because carbs usually will not keep you full for a long time.

"Never eat fruit after a meal"-- baloney! Fruit is a GREAT substitute for desert after a meal

"Eat fruit before every meal"-- now this may be helpful. If you eat a piece of fruit before a meal then you are taking up space in your stomach that a higher calorie piece of food would have occupied. Eating fruit before a meal takes the curb off your appetite and makes you consume less calories overall!

All of the other "rules" are definitely myths.

None. Eat fruit when you want. As long as you stay within your calorie limit, it doesn't matter what you eat, or when you eat it.

People who have diabetes need to be make sure to have protein along with carbs to avoid blood sugar spikes.  Healthy people don't need to worry about this. 

But if you have symptoms of blood sugar problems (you feel ravenous a short time after eating a fruit or other carb), then by all means eat protein with your fruit.

Ah. Thanks.

Take fruits when you want but i want to know about particular i will suggest u take in a breakfast.

Fruit only takes a half hour to digest while other foods take a couple of hours. For this reason, I eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and/or eat it first in a multi-course meal so that its digestion is not held up by foods that take longer.

Fruit makes a great snack all on its own so if it doesnt affect you (as it probably doesnt most), agreed eat it whenever.  I find an appetite surge following fruit but am insulin resistant so shortly prior to a meal or immediately afterwards makes a difference.
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I use oranages or grapefruit and even tangerines when I feel a cold coming on.  Strawberries are great too and high in vit. C.  I use bananas for the potassium as i have high blood pressure. Don't let people cloud your minds about fruit, they are high in vitamins and minerals and so very good for you and much better for you in fiber content than drinking the juice.  Apples are high in fiber and pectin.  I love fruit and I know that I don't eat enough fruit but enstead use them for medicinal purposes.  I just thought I would add my two cents worth.  I use fruit also for a pick me up inbetween meals when I am feeling tired or run down.

everday - all day! Well, not all day, but at least with 3 meals or snacks.

-Eat fruit alone, on an empty stomach.  Sure, but be warry of citrus and acidic fruits because this can cause heartburn in some.

-Eat fruit first thing in the morning. Fruit is a wonderful addition to cereals and smoothies, so why not.

-Never eat fruit alone, always with protein.  Yes, if you are diabetic, or have trouble controling your bloodsugars. Otherwise, go for it.

-Never eat fruit after a meal. Not if you're full already.. if you're not hungry stop eating. Otherwise, go for it.

-After a meal, eat fruit for dessert. It's healthy but also sweet so it feels like a treat to some.

-Eat fruit before every meal. Fruit is generally low in calories, but high in fiber and water content, which may make you feel full faster, resulting in less calories consumed at a meal.

-Eat Melons alone. Only eat one variety of fruit at a time. (I really hope this one isn't true. I love fruit salad.) Totally bull.

-Fruit is okay before noon, but after it should be avoided Maybe if you are a body builder doing that "No carbs after lunch" bologne. Otherwise, go for it! lol

Fruit digests very quickly compared to other foods, and is very sugary and therefore 'ferments' in your stomach. This is fine normally, but if you eat fruit after eating a lot of other food that digest more slowly, then the fermenting fruit sits in your stomach a lot longer, and can cause bloating, gas and discomfort.

My nutritionist friend told me this - and lives by it (and has a more sensitive stomach than I do). I tried to eat fruit at the beginning of meals or only on an empty stomach, but it didn't fit my lifetstyle, and I have none of the problems listed above. Therefore, I wouldn't call this one a rule, but something to try playing with if you have bloating, gas and discomfort that you have narrowed down to be ing related to your fruit intake.

I've never really heard the other statements as being rules.

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The reason they say don't eat fruit after a meal is because one would assume most meals contain vegetables. Eating fruit and vegies together can make you bloated and fart alot. Especially after legumes.

yeah i hear so many "fruit rules" too, but i've always eat it as a snack; before lunch and dinner. sometimes after dinner another piece.

what i do know it that never eat a persimmon and a crab together, causes painful stomach aches.  they don't mix.

Haha, I've never eaten a persimmon or a crab ever! Let alone together. Are they both good? I've had lobster, I imagine crab tastes the same... does it?

persimmons are awesome, just make sure they're rite.  crab's good too, but not as good as lobster.

what's a persimmon?

I think it depends, in part, on how the body reacts. Not everyone is the same. Sometimes it is simply a matter of common sense. Fruit mixed with bread and other things in 98 degrees of stomach and acid will, indeed, go bad. Try an experiment. Mix flour and water together and make it fairly thick. Next, mash and mix berries, oranges, grapes, or other fruit in it. Let it sit on your counter for an hour or so at room temperature. I've done this and what I ended up with was a lumpy, curdled, spoiled mess. It also stinks. Now imagine what this is doing in your stomach where temperatures are much higher. When I belch after eating other foods with fruit, it smells like the mess in the bowl on my counter. It may not happen this way for everyone, but for many it does which is why they say to eat fruit on an empty stomach. The best truth-teller of all comes when we listen to our bodies and not what everyone is saying out there. I know what you mean about confusion though. I've been there and done that. LOL! Thank you for printing the list of various opinions. It sparks some good internet search thoughts.

Am with terrigm45 on this one ... i have a very sensitive stomach being a blood type A . I have experimented and now know that i cannot eat fruit right after a meal or just before a meal as i get such a discomfort for hours after that . I have fruit then wait ateast 45 minutes for the fruit to digest then i have something else. That's how my stomach works best and that's how i keep it but we all react different to things be it food or life in general so i would also say the best thing is to experiment and see what works for you.

It's always healthy to eat fruit, but eating fruit WITH another food can cause gas

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Fruit contains a combination of various simple carbohydrates (sugars) that raise blood glucose levels. Fruit also contains fibre, water and other nutrients. The effect on blood glucose depends on the type of fruit - check its glycemic load (GL). The effect of fruit (or any other mainly carbohydrate food) on blood glucose levels is altered if eaten with either fat or protein, as absorption is altered.

 - Elevated blood glucose levels affect adrenal hormones as a rise in blood glucose is treated as a stress on the body. Raised cortisol, an adrenal hormone, is a factor in excess abdominal fat. Insulin is produced in response to elevated blood glucose and, over time, the stress on this system can lead to diabetes.

- Excess carbohydrates i.e. those not immediately needed for energy, are converted to fat (stored energy).

- The sugars in fruit can ferment if digestive enzymes are insufficient resulting in gas.

Best to eat fruit that has a low GL, particularly if bold glucose imbalance is a factor, to eat with protein e.g an apple and a few almonds, to supplement digestive enzymes if digestion is a problem.

Enjoy! Fruit is a wonderful food...full of nutrients. Eat the whole fruit - not juiced. Eat seasonally, as nature intended.

I like to eat fruit whenever I'm having a particularly bad craving. The natural sugars and fruit pectin are extremely satisfying and generally are enough to keep cravings at bay.

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