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Is it okay to eat eggs everyday?

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I just recently found out that my body has a High-Intolerance to cow's milk, and anything made with cow's milk. (Includes yogurt, cheese, etc...) In the same test, I also found out that my body has sensitivity to grains.

I am very particular about what I eat, and I eat what is "safe". So for me, that was eating skim milk and cheerios for breakfast EVERY morning for the past 2 years. (I'm not kidding, yes 2 years). Now that I can't have milk products, and am limited to grains, I find myself very lost about what to eat!

I have been very scared of eggs because they are higher in fat. But I bought them to try. For the past week my breakast has been: 2 scrambled eggs with plain salsa, and a flourless cinnamon raisin english muffin. The calories come out to be just under 300 calories. So my question is: Is it okay to have eggs everyday? Is there something better I could have? And I am also open to any new healthy breakfast ideas..... :)

(P.S. I eat oatmeal everyday for lunch......Just sayin')
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Omg, i wanna know the answer to this question aswell.... "how many eggs is the maximum amount to eat in a week"

I love eggs [=
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Two eggs a day is fine.

I usually cap myself at 3 yolks a day. After that I normally just eat the whites. 

They say the cholesterol in eggs can be a problem, but I love them.  I mean honestly, most of us on this site are not eating cheeseburgers and french fries and milk shakes, so our cholesterol intake is very low.  Due to that, I think your breakfast sounds great!  Sounds like you are health concious, so the little bit of cholesterol in your eggs is not going to pose a problem for it.
If you are craving cheerios, how about rice milk or soy milk?  I don't care for it, but a lot of people love it.
2 a day, everyday???

dont they give you high cholestorel (sp?)
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Original Post by ornellanicole2007:

2 a day, everyday???

dont they give you high cholestorel (sp?)

 Not really.

High cholesterol is mostly genetic. If someone is genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, then eating eggs everyday could potentially be a problem. But for most people, dietary cholesterol has little to no impact on blood cholesterol. And some recent studies suggest that most of the cholesterol in eggs isn't really absorbed by the body.

Edit: Here are some links which might clear things up a little: food.asp eating_well.html 420 ;

YAY!!! lol :)
well according to Canadian studies, the cholesterol from eggs is a good type of cholesterol and is actually good for you. (Or so Live@5, maritime news show tells me.)  //edited to add that is not supposed to be a link, just a name//

So, as long as they fit your allowed fat and calories, eat as many as you like.

Also, If you are craving some cereal, vanilla soy milk tastes great on cereal... are rice crispies a grain? There must be some cereals out there that won't cause problems, no?
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Nothing wrong with a moderate daily consumption of eggs.  I eat 2 eggs everyday for breakfast, 1 whole 1 only whites.  Great source of protein and healthy fats to have first thing in the morning.
Unless you have a cholesterol/heart problem, or a family history riddled with heart disease, it's perfectly alright to eat two eggs every day... if you're concerned about the cholesterol level, get the 'heart-healthy vegetarian eggs' instead of the regular ones - the pack says they have 25% LESS cholesterol in them than the others...
lol i eat upwards of 8-12 whole eggs a day they're great

Are you lactose intolerant? Because lactose-free milk is available.

Heard some good advice the other day on losing weight from a dietician: don't eat anything unless you can look at it an know exactly where it came from.

 Fruit comes directly from a tree, meat comes from an animal, eggs come from chicken, but show me a chocolate cake tree or a yoghurt producing cow.

 I dunno if that helps at all.

Hi Kylee_smilee2,

How did you find out about ur cow's milk intolerance? and grain sensitivity? What made you take the tests? Also if one is intolerant to lactos, does it mean all diary product do not get utilized by ur body? do you get sick from taking them? any info will help!!

Sorry I have no answer for ur question, though.
vieve - "show me a chocolate cake tree" oh id love to see that, it would be my dream. I know you can get chinese money plants but a chocolate cake tree would definately make me happy. I always joke that chocolate is a fruit anyway as it grows on trees.

Think the idea of being able to see where your food comes from means eating naturally avoiding processed foods and crap that you cant even pronouce on the lable, not sure they mean avoid basic foods like natural yoghurt, cheese, grains/carbs etc
archtecttonic - i  also found out im allergic to dairy (just cows not sheep or goat), wheat, corn (grain not sweet), aspartme, sprouts, yellow (e102) and msg!

I had exzema, dry skin, migraines and constant headaches, low energy and got bloated after bread and pasta. I thought it may be an intolerance to wheat so i avoided pasta, bread etc as i also felt sluggish and bloated afterwards. I was also having trouble losing weight even with a healthy low cal diet and exercise 5-6 times a week.

I got checked by a allergy specialist in September and discovered the above list. I totally cut these out which was hard as there are wheat products and dairy/whey in almost everything as thickeners etc, and being vegetarian makes it even harder.

Now i feel great, exzema gone, no migraines, and more energy. I have on 3 occassionals since eaten forbidden bread, pizza and chocolate cake. I felt awlful afterwards, with very sore bloated tummy and low energy, i guess you notice the effect more when you dont eat them daily. The strangest thing i discovered was the following day i was ravenously hungry, either my bloated tummy had streched so i needed more food, my stomach acid had increased to digest the bad food or my body wanted extra food to dilute the crap id put into me. Not sure what the reason but its a good reason for me to avoid wheat and dairy at all costs

chelseagirl, sorry should have been more clear in my post, your right the dietician's basic argument was don't eat processed food, but she was also saying if you want to lose weight rapidly not to eat anything that goes through any kind of processing, which yoghurt and cheese do! It's something you could realistically only do for a week or so. Doesn't sound like great advice from a dietician I know but she wasn't consulting me, it just came up in conversation.

 And, kylee, if you are lactose intolerant there are tablets you can take which allow you to eat chocolate and icecream and what not, as long as you don't go overboard. I tried it for a while but really remembering to take a tablet was all too much effort. I find I can control my intolerance with lactose free milk and yoghurt, and if I just HAVE to have chocolate I usually go for darker chocolate, even though it doesn't take nearly as good.

If it's some other intolerance, which means you can't have dairy, ignore that entire paragraph!

Thanx a lot Kylee_smilee2!

That was a very helpful info.
Means your lactose intolerant...You can use a lactaid pill and still drink regular milk, or do like I do and drink Lactaid (for those with the intolerance). Taste just like milk to me, and they make a Fatfree and  1 and 2% variety.

Here's really good information (and good news) about eggs!

The World's Healthiest Foods - Eggs  this is just part of the article, which covers the nutrients in eggs.

Eggs and Heart Health

In addition to its significant effects on brain function and the nervous system, choline also has an impact on cardiovascular health since it is one of the B vitamins that helps convert homocysteine, a molecule that can damage blood vessels, into other benign substances. Eggs are also a good source of vitamin B12, another B vitamin that is of major importance in the process of converting homocysteine into safe molecules.

Eggs are high in cholesterol, and health experts in the past counseled people to therefore avoid this food. (All of the cholesterol in the egg is in the yolk.) However, nutrition experts have now determined people on a low-fat diet can eat one or two eggs a day without measurable changes in their blood cholesterol levels. This information is supported by a statistical analysis of 224 dietary studies carried out over the past 25 years that investigated the relationship between diet and blood cholesterol levels in over 8,000 subjects. What investigators in this study found was that saturated fat in the diet, not dietary cholesterol, is what influences blood cholesterol levels the most.

Nutritional Profile

Our food ranking system also qualified eggs as a very good source of selenium, iodine, and vitamin B2 and a good source of protein, molybdenum, phosphorous, vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. 

For an in-depth nutritional profile click here: Eggs.

I eat hardboiled egg whites ALL the time ... yum! (And you can have 6 for 103 calories ... a great source of lean protein!)

And I make awesome scrambles with egg whites (Eggbeaters) all the time ... yum yum yum.

(I avoid the yolk because I have high triglycerides and high cholesterol and would rather get my ingested cholesterol from meat!)

=^..^= MOLLY

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