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What do you eat on your birthday?

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mine is the 29th!

I've got it planned like this




1 cinnamon sugared doughnut

Skim milk



 1 peanut butter cookie

1 White chocolate cookie



Grilled Chicken salad

Rasin bread

Thousand Island Sauce




and of course.. cake and ice cream





Do you count or do you binge!?


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OMG I have cake and chinese too!!

I think it would depend on how much I weigh when my birthday rolls round in December. If I'm happy with what I weigh, I'm going to go to Marie Callendars and get a pie and just dig right into the middle with a spoon and start eating :P

i say eat whatever you want. it's one day of the year...but i don't have a big appetite and binging was never a problem for me.

I recently celebrated my birthday, and I think my day went something like this:

breakfast -> luna bar, coffee
snack -> banana
lunch -> 1/2 frozen pizza, garden veggies, 1 guinness
snack -> yogurt
dinner -> large dinner salad, some tortilla chips with crab & artichoke dip, 1 guinness, 1 shot jameson

i had about 400 calories more than usual, but i can easily live with that.

For my birthday I'd spoil myself with things like tiger prawns, fresh asparagus, fresh pineapple.... Not wild about junk like biscuits and chinese food makes me feel queasy!
I forget my birthday sometimes.. hahahaha !

MIne is the 29th too! I'm going to go out to eat at an italian restaurant for lunch and get whatever I want! Then I'm going to eat some chocolate ice cream cake! oooh I can't wait!

I'll probably eat healthy the rest of the day, but we'll see what happens!

YAY! Happy Birthday to us!


My Birthday was last month, and I ate really healthy til dinner time. Then my fiance took me to the Texas Roadhouse.  I enjoyed my three giant margaritas and my oh so delicious steak. I didn't have any cake, but I'd trade cake for steak any day of the year!


My b-day was last Thurs and I ate whatever I wanted!!! I was the best! It is your birthday and its all about you...enjoy it and eat whatever you want. One day won't kill you and it might even jump start your metabolism....if not, well you tried! ;)




ha ha

i think im just going to have my day and eat whatever! Tongue out

Since I'm pretty strict most of the time, B-days are cheat days. Simple as that :)

hmm well

i would probably just eat normally during the day. maybe make tofu scramble for breakfast. and then go out to my favorite vegetarian restaurant for dinner. i'm not a big fan of cake in general but i'm pretty sure i could force myself to eat a big slice of vegan fudge cake.. :)

on my birthday in march i eat approximately ten million calories and it was the most fun ever. i was trying to gain weight at the time though so it was allowed. haha. :)

I will eat what I want but not how much I want or i'll feel sick. I'll prepick my fav meals and have them :)

i'd probably eat regularly for breakfast and lunch then probably make a nice dinner that i usually don't let myself eat and have a few beers. i am not really big on sweets so i don't know if i will do cake and ice cream this year. maybe i'll make some banana nut bread and have a small scoop of vanilla soy delicious.

I'm sure I'll eat regular for breakfast and lunch and for dinner i'm going to have whatever I want, including a few drinks

my birthday is one day of the year where i eat anything and everything i want. i love birthdays!!
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Last year I had mexican with my best friend.
This yer all my friends are coming to my house, and I'm probally going to order a ton of sushi, or have a pot luck!

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I'm always fascinated that some people know what they will eat days, weeks, months ahead of time. I guess, to each their own.

I eat pretty healthfully most days of the year, and get exercise too. The days of the year where I throw complete caution to the wind and eat whatever (and I mean, whatever I want) include my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Val's Day (sweets!) and any special celebrations like weddings (cake) and my dating anniversary with my man... and maybe even a few more. You have to live a little.
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