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Can I eat avocados daily?

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Or is it too much fat?

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I love avocados!  Freakin love em!  I wonder too if it is something I should try not to eat more than a couple of times a week...I usually put a few slices on a sandwich with lots of veggies and turkey and sometimes in a wrap...but it is the good kind of fat, and I think as long as we don't eat a whole one everyday, we should be okay...
I ate a half of a Florida Avocado last night and half this am for breakfast. I absolutely love them just sprinkled with sea salt and pepper and eat them right out of the skin! I know they are high in "good" fats but I don't know what the limit of "good" fats is for daily intake.
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Avocados are a very healthy fat, so as long as you are watching the total amount of fat and calories you take in each day (i.e., cutting out other fats to make room for the avocados), I don't see why you couldn't have them every day.

Just make sure to schedule them in!

Although, variety *is* the spice of life. ;)

Avocado's are good for you, the fat that comes from them is good fat.  Give up some other fat that day in order to schedule your avocado in. 

Put a few chunks on your salad or in a sandwich as cnjjeanmard does.  I wouldn't eat them every single day, unless you are prepared to give something else up.  And, remember, if you eat the same foods every day, your body will get used to them and not run as efficiently.  You need to change up your diet a bit, so that you body has to work and your metabolism runs efficiently.

Early in the week, I'll cut a Florida avocado into chunks and put it in a container and heavily sprinkle either key lime juice or white balsamic vinegar on it.  (The lime juice or vinegar keeps it from turning brown)  That avocado will last all week to be used on our salads.  My honey is one of those guys you love to hate and he can eat anything he pleases and doesn't have an ounce of fat on his body, so he eats it every day, in abundance...I have it a couple of times a week in my salad at dinnertime.

Good luck!


You'll be able to tell if it's too much fat by logging it before you eat it and checking your Analysis chart.  If your fat goes above 35% of total calories then it's too much fat.  Everything is relative. 
Yes, I totally agree that everything is relative.  I don't tell myself I can't have any foods, I just portion servings and count the calories...

Similar to what some have said, if I am going to have avocado on my salad, I forgo the dressing, if I'm having it on my sandwich/wrap, I avoid adding other fats like cheese or dressings.

Instead of putting mayo and cheese on my lunch sandwiches, I've been putting half an avocado on them instead.  It makes my sandwich extra yummy and it's healthier, because even if its the same amount of fat, it's still better than the fat in mayo and cheese.  I am a cheese-aholic and I always thought that no sandwich was worth eating without cheese on it.  Now that I've started eating avocadoes instead, I'm surprised to say that I haven't even missed the cheese.

As long as you're eating a balanced diet, I don't think eating avocados every day is going to hurt you.  If they satisfy you and help you feel full longer, they're probably doing a lot more good than harm.  I could probably think of more than 100 things that it would be far worse to splurge on. ;)

For me, avocados are a life-saver.  Without avocados, peanut-butter, and oatmeal (not all at the same time, of course, allthough it might not be that bad), I don't know if I could ever manage to diet for longer than a day.


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