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I just started my weight-loss diet (I need to lose about 75 pounds to be what is considered a "healthy" weight).

In trying to lose weight, I'm trying to replace drinking so much sweet tea (which I just LOVE, mind you) with some of the low-cal or no-cal drink mixes I can add to water, so I get a good taste instead of just plain old water.  I have a tendency to just not drink the water and not think about drinking it, but I will drink flavored things.  I need to stay hydrated to avoid kidney stones (never want to do those again!)

The problem I'm having is that I'm massively allergic to red food dyes.  No, I'm not "red dye intolerant", I'm red dye allergic.  I get hives, throw up, and if somehow some of it makes it into my GI system, my intestines and colon get extremely inflamed (think internal rash).  I can't even wear certain clothes that have red dye in them because the dye isn't colorfast enough, so I wind up with blisters and hives everywhere it touched.

Unfortunately, most of the drink mixes I've come across have red dyes of some sort in them...lots of red dyes.  If it's cherry, strawberry (most any berry), grape, orange, peach, or many other flavors then it has red dye in it.  I can only drink so much lemonade before I go berserk.  A few of the ones with no dye have caffeine in them, and I try to avoid caffeine since I have high blood pressure and it makes my heart race.

I'm looking for caffeine-free dye-free low-cal or no-cal drink mixes.  So far I've only found Propel Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage Mix.  I tried the Berry flavor yesterday, and it tastes like I remember Koolaid tasting as a kid and has absolutely no dyes in it.  I'd like to know if any other companies make some.  I've only seen one Koolaid clear flavor - grape (not my fav, but if I get desperate, who knows?)

So if anybody knows of any other dye-free drink mixes, I'd certainly appreciate knowing what they are and where I can find them.



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Kool-Ade has other flavors, (or at least they did last summer when I bought a huge supply because I finally found them!) but they aren't always stocked in the stores. 

Have you tried just adding a bit of juice to your water?  Grape or apple juice can go a long way - I used to make it 1/3 juice and 2/3 water when I kept it in the fridge.

There are also some flavored seltzer products out there in the soda pop aisle that are clear and have low or no calories.  New York Seltzer is a brand I tried in childhood, but most stores have their own brand these days. 

I also like to mix a bag of herbal, fruit flavored tea in with regular tea when I brew it, and that gives it a bit more of a sweet flavor with no sweetener.

But no ideas on drink mixes...good luck!

Have you tried iced tea drink mixes?  Lipton makes those little to-go mix packs --green tea and white tea flavored varieties.  As far as I know they are colored like tea and the box of Lipton Raspberry Lime flavored green tea mix does not list any dyes in the ingredients.

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