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Drinks with zero calories

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Hi, What are some drinks that don't have any calories?  Right now all I am drinking is water and I'm getting sick of it. But I looked at some juice at the store and it all has tons of sugar and cals. So what do you all like to drink that's zero calories or at least low cal. Thanks.

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Tea - hot or cold, coffee, etc.  If you don't mind artificial sweeteners and ingredients, there is Crystal light and diet soda.

Seltzer water. Poland springs, polar, store brand, whatever, they're lightly flavored and fizzy. Just check the label if you don't want the sweetened ones. In some grocery stores, all they have are the ones with artificial sweeteners.
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vintage fruit refreshers are awesome; try looking for them.

Lipton Green Tea single packets sold in the Tea section of walmart. 0 Cal...I could drink these all day long, unlike regular green tea bags.  Yuck!

I had a Powerade Zero yesterday - strawberry flavored. It tasted really good and had zero calories! I think a lot of sports drinks are coming out with low calorie/ no calorie versions. You should check them out!

Target's seltzer water is THE BEST. It's flavored with no calories and NO SODIUM. The flavors are the most "true" I've tasted and it's the only seltzer I'll drink. Nice instead of a soda.

if you're wanting to avoid the artificial sweeteners i suggest looking for a product called stevia. there are several companies that sell it, you can get it in liquid, tablets, or powder, and you can put it in anything.

this is my favorite brand.

their liquid version comes in lots of different flavors:

haven't tried all of them yet, but the one's we've had are awsome!

you may look at it and think it's too pricey, but i will attest that a little goes a LONG way! i've even gotten my husband to drink water with the vanilla creme.  Smile

How are you avoiding artificial sweeteners by using another artificial sweetener?

stevia isnt a artifical sweetner, its a plant extract, you could grow it in your back yard.

I love mineral/sparkling water with lemon/lime juice squeezed in

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sun tea is what I drink.

Take a glass one gallon drink container (wal-mart has them, they have a spout thing at the bottom). You'll need 8 regular tea bags and 8 green tea tea bags. tie them together and remove the paper tabby things. place the tea bags in the container and replace the lid. put out in your front yard until it is a darker brown color. I usually put mine out at like 8am and dad brings it in about 4pm.

mix in sweetner if needed. pour over ice. yummy :-)

If you have Stop n Shop or Giant, try Zazz.  I am addicted.  It's selzter so it is in the soda aisle.

Also, Arizona Diet Peach Iced Tea is excellent, too. 

I dont like tea but I love Trader Joes Green and White Iced Tea with mint flavor. No cals, no additives, no artifical sweeteners, very refreshing. Plus if you believe the hype about green tea you get the health and possible weight loss benefits of the green tea.

sometimes i put a peice of frozen fruit- strawberries or blueberries or something in my wate and shake it up a little, it tastes like flavored water and is so much more refreshing

*cringe* I HATE seltzer water... good thing I don't get tired of plain ole H20

Original Post by fuzzys:

How are you avoiding artificial sweeteners by using another artificial sweetener?

Sorry I forgot to include the fact that Stevia is a natural product.

Original Post by xeonicus:

*cringe* I HATE seltzer water... good thing I don't get tired of plain ole H20

I'm with you there!

Fresca is my new addiction, had no idea it was zero calories. If you want a weekend treat it's amazing with white or red wine as a sort of "spritzer".

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