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I eat lots a fruit a day to aid my hunger as i boredum eat, can this be a bad thing? Also im really like dried fruit is this ok to eat? Although fruit has no fat can u still gain weight if you eat like 1000cals of it a day?
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Dried fruit is actually pretty high in sugar.  You might consider some other options for your snacks.
You need a MINIMUM of 1200 calories a day, and they need to be nutritionally balanced.
That means, a combination of good fats, carbs, and proteins.

What else are you including in your daily menu?
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well if you ate 1000cals of dried fruit and it was within you calorie allowance then no but jsut cos its fruit, you still need to be within the cals required!

dried fruit such as figs, prunes, apricots etc are really good for you so enjoy them in moderation - just amke srue they are not coated in sugar!  maybe just mix up your snacks a litle - ryvitas, raw veggies with dip, rice cakes, nuts and seeds etc...
The only objection I have towards dried fruit is the sugar/lack of nutrients.

Stick to the real fruits, hydrated and all.

If you eat 1000 kcals of dried fruit a day, I'm pretty mch guaranteeing you'll gain weight. It's the sugars that'll get you.
A calorie is a calorie. In a day you can eat a balanced diet of 1200 calories or 1200 calories worth of donuts, cake, and cookies, and lose weight either way. But you won't get proper nutrition by eating just one food group.

Dried fruit is good for you, but most of the time it has added sugar. So eat it sparingly. I suggest you eat whole fruits instead because they have just as many calories, but you get to eat alot more of them. But, if you fit dried fruit into your calories and hunger is not an issue, go for it!
In addition to just regular fruit, I always eat a little bit of natural dried fruit a day- prunes...and some in the trail mix I made, which has raisins, dried apricots, fruit bits, etc. (along with nuts).

I never eat a lot of trail mix at once! Just tiny handfuls.

However, today, I kind of ate a few tiny handfuls throughout the day because it's TTOM and I was craaaaaving it (and I was out and about). I feel so disgusting and guilty! ._. But that might just be the PMS talking, too...

If boredom eating is a problem, try keeping yourself busy so you won't be bored.  Crafts and hobbies are especially good, since they can occupy your hands and your mind.
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how do you eat 1000cals of fruit dried and fresh without sitting in the bathroom and not being able to eat anything, there are only 8 cals in 1/2 dried apricot.
Per bite, dried fruit is MUCH MUCH higher calories then normal fruit... its easy to eat up a TON of calories in dried fruit.

For that same amount of calories, you could eat a huge amount of normal fruit.
yes but 1/2 a dried apricot has the same cals as a 1/2 a plump apricot (theorietically) and I know which is more satisfying. 
satisfying is not the problem in my book, the problem is how do you get that many calories without making your gastrointestinal tract explode?
they're better than chocolate but dried fruits are loaded with sugar and for me (and many others) the sugars in the fruit will stimulate the appetite for more sugars.

I prefer to snack on protein instead (like deli chicken slices or eggw hites at 17 cals) just watch the sodium of those (you can get low sodium versions if you check the labels)

protein sort of keeps a lid on the cravings so if I've had a lot of sugar, I have something protein right after to stop me getting the nibblies half an hour later.

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