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Your "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Food!

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We all have them - what's your's?

I'll start: I stopped at McDonald's yesterday for a small parfait (as I had run out of greek yogurt and was craving one), and as I was perusing their menu I saw my familiar "therapy" food: M&M McFlurry. Now, I am a pretty health-minded individual, but every time I come home from my boyfriend's house - we're long distance, so I see him for about a week every 2 or 3 months - I stop and eat my sadness away with one of these shakes. I don't care how much I've eaten that particular day, and I don't care how many calories are in them. Granted, I can guess just fine at the calories, but knowing them would just ruin it for me. So instead, I keep myself in the dark on purpose.

Do you have a food like this? One where you know it's probably horrible for you, but you refuse to ask or look at the info, just so you can fully enjoy it?

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I do yes... cake and pie and stuff like that, especially eating out..

pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. italian cheesecake at easter

Yellow chicken curry from a Thai place by where I work - I never want to know

Creamy peanut butter with chocolate fudge ice cream topping mixed in.

 Homemade bread... like banana bread, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, etc. I suppose I could figure it out, but I don't want too :-)

When ever I got upset, I use to get a treat and I gained a lot of weight with that. The thing I really loved was ice cream with hot fudge, shrimp tempura rolls(mayo!),etc.

For the most part, I do not do that anymore but last night I was watching this damn kid eatting a waffle with cream and it drove me up the wall! He made it look so good... I had to run out and get one lol.

Sometimes it is nice to that. Just have a cheat day. As long as it does not happen all the time, nor is it being used for inappropriate reasons; why not? Have fun with your cheat days every now and then.

The rolls from Red I could throw back them suckers all day!

Chicken Makhani with rice and naan. Mmmm... Yes, I saw them pour in the heavy cream, and yes there is grease floating on top. But yet I ignore it. It helps that its impossible to find accurate calories for it.

The spinach dip my Aunt makes for the holidays. I certainly stuff my face with it! I don't even want to know the calories in one tablespoon, cause I'm sure I have so much more than that obviously! ^_^

When my boyfriend takes me out for sushi we go to the same restaurant with all these elaborate rolls - we never get anything fried but that's my only limit. We get 3 gigantic rolls and split it all up and it's so romantic and fun and I enjoy it SO much it would absolutely kill me to know I was consuming like 2839234732 calories.

Dates in general I'm pretty lax about. I save a bunch of calories and then I just enjoy what I want in moderation. Granted, my favorite food is fish and I hate cream sauces and pastas - so my orders are usually pretty reasonable. I'm also too young to drink on dates so that's not an issue - and if we get desert we split it :)

Sausage and something? stuffed mushrooms.  At least I think it is sausage in it!!  I get them at a chinese buffet.  (Please no animal jokes!) They are So sooo good. 

All you can eat sushi.

I got out for it once every month or so. I have stopped eating tempura but everything else is game. I try not to eat until I feel like exploding so that helps a bit, but I still just don't want to know Tongue out

Oh yes I can relate to this, I love this mediteranean (sp?) plate at this local greek restaurant.
I know hummus, feta, black olives, baba ganoush is healthy but I eat the whole thing as my app and then order an entree, and I know they give at least half a block of feta cheese!


anything crunchy and salty! <3

Pretty much every Saturday, my boyfriend, my parents and I (and occasionally my best friend and her bf) go to a pub for burgers. I have no idea how bad they are... but I drink water all day and eat really sensibly the rest of the day. But I just can't give up my bacon cheese burger...

Cream cheese wontons from Panda Express

Navajo Nachos from Dos Coyotes

Butter Brickle Ice Cream from Gunthers

Mmm chips and dip.  Like the entire container of dip.  I just don't wanna know.

Well I always ask and always tell, I am a recovered secret-eater so it's important to me, but I can relate! My bf and I are also doing ther long-distance thing, I only see him on weekends so nearly every ferry ride home I buy some Roger's chocolates at the gift shop. As a rule I try not to comfort-eat, but it's one instance I allow it! A couple of hundered calories worth of comfort is worth it on those days. And much better than the fast food, alcohol and cigarattes I used to indulge in! Ha!

The chicken finger pizza at my school. It's a regular crust, loads of bleu cheese dressing and hot sauce, pieces of chicken fingers, and lots of cheese. It's good...but I don't want to know its nutritional facts. Thankfully I only eat it once a week at most.

Mine isn't really a certain food, just the amount. If I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I automatically assume that the amount I pour is one serving. Luckily I only eat it for breakfast if I'm at someone else's house.

While I was visiting a friend we went to an authentic English tea room and we both got scones with jam and cream. I ate the whole thing and I'm sure it had tons and tons of calories, but I don't even care. It's something I may never do again, or at least not for a very long time. Plus, I had a salad for lunch and didn't use much dressing- just dipped my fork in it every once and a while.

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