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I don't like bananas... but I still eat 'em. What gives?

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Like it says up there in the title, I don't like bananas.  I eat them anyway.  Why?  Because I feel like I ought to.  They're not expensive, they're very portable, they're in season all the time, and they're great sources of nutrition that I need post-workout, so I feel compelled to eat them even though I don't like them.

I also don't like yogurt.  Its texture is gnarly.  I eat it anway.  Why?  Because low-fat yogurt is a good source of both protein and calcium; it's portable and relatively inexpensive... you get the picture.

What foods do you eat, even though you really don't like 'em?

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I like all the foods I eat.. I don't force myself to eat something I don't like .

I find alternatives.

perhaps I'm just lazy :)  Bananas and yogurt are easily accessible, so I force 'em down.
I can't stand makes me want to throw up. I used to eat it "anyway", but I've just subsituted milk for that.
VEGGIES: The only ones I like are carrots and asaparagus. It's really hard for me to eat things like celery, brocolli, peas, ect.
I hate tomatoes but I eat them anway
I hate basically all fish, but I eat them anyway because they are exceptinally high in protein.
I'm really trying to think of something I eat that I don't enjoy but I can't!
there are very few foods I dislike.  If I don't like something I don't eat it.  Life can be hard enough.  Why make it unpleasant as well?
Original Post by clairelaine:

there are very few foods I dislike.  If I don't like something I don't eat it.  Life can be hard enough.  Why make it unpleasant as well?

I don't disagree with you.  I don't gag at these foods, but they're definitely rather distasteful to me; I should probably find alternatives :)

Pure, I was very much going to post a similar thread.  Basically what food do you eat because its healthy and eventhough you dont exactly like it - its okay.

Baked fish.  I was eating it because it was healthy and low cal but burned out.  Salmon not included.  Fish sticks - love.

Eggs.  I add black beans for flavor & fiber but I eat them because of protein and convenience - 2egg with a white scrambled.  Sunny side up or hard boiled yolks - love.  Whites alone - gag.

Most vegs, unfortunately.  The healthier stuff is blah but with some salt and a parmesean sprinkle, down they go or I extend a TV dinner by stirring in more broccoli.  Starchy veg & mushrooms - love.

I dont imagine anyone eats something they hate but I was thinking others also eat things there not crazy about for health combined with convenience reasons.
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Some people do develop a taste for stuff they were indifferent to.  After all lots of people do eat stuff they do not like - Medicine that is NOT sugar coated. (try the stuff for Xrays of your Intestine -you will be delighted and show new appreciation for real food.) You could regard the banana and yogurt as Medicine". you have it because it is good for you and "Pratical". After all what is the point of eating something you love, if it serves no function but satisfy your genetic love of sweet stuff like pop.  There are things in life one does, even it seems to have little practical benefits. Do you  know any who just loves to put seat belts on ? (apart from kids who are proud of finally been able to do it themselves)  Smile
I dont really dislike anything i eat.  If i really dont like something i dont eat it.  I like broccoli in stuff, but i can eat it by itself, i just dont loooooove it.
I ENJOY everything I eat--
why eat it if you're not enjoying it? sorry that doesn't makes sense..
Just cause you need Vit. C. or something---doesn't mean that if you HATE oranges you have to GAG an orange down ya know? there are TONS of other sources for that Vit.....make sense?
Beans. I am usually low on iron according to the counter (eat very little red meat) and so I buy beans and then try and figure out what to do with them and when I can stand to eat them. 

There's a bit of Epicurian in me, so I can't imagine eating a food that I actually didn't like and enjoy when I have a choice, except in situations where I'm taking a small bite or taste just to be polite to the cook. 

Since I've been eating healthy, my tastes have expanded, though.  Used to hate onions in all situations - now I can actually stand them on pizza or cooked in other dishes (as long as they're not "carmelized.")  Used to hate eggplant, now I love it.

If you're eating bananas just for the potassium, and the yogurt for protein and calcium, there are plenty of other sources for those nutrients that you might enjoy more.  Eating should  be a healthy and enjoyable activity, not a chore.

Purespark, try putting granola in with your yogurt.  I love yogurt but I like it better with granola in it.  I'll even buy frozen strawberrys, thaw them and put in with my yogurt.

I've learned to eat brocolli but can't eat a lot in one sitting or I start to get sick from it.  But I saute in water until really tender, makes it easier to eat!
I put All-Bran and raisins in yogurt this morning, and the added texture made it actually taste good :)  Thanks CarlaAnn!
Purespark--I do the same thing with certain foods.  Not sure why I don't find better alternatives (like you mentioned, the likeliest culprit is pure laziness...).  Strangely, I don't like bananas either, but, as a runner, I'll choke one down after a race because I know my body needs it (and because it's a free post-race staple).  I also eat almonds without particularly liking them.  I'm allergic to peanuts and I occasionally need the extra fat/calories.  Hmmm...I'm the same way with yogurt too.  I don't actually find it vile, but it comes close.  And yet, I will occasionally eat a container of it (ironically, usually WITH the almonds as an afternoon snack...maybe I figure I'll just knock them both out at the same time...). 

 Eating should be a healthy and enjoyable activity, not a chore.

AMEN! :) that's why I'm nOT understanding why people keep posting that they are eating things they don't enjoy JUST to get the nutritional benefit! Try a different SOURCE!!

Plane lowfat yougurt with blue berries... kinda makes me gag but I eat it anyways for the healthy bacteria.... I have read that yougurt is unique in that it actually helps the baceteria survive all the way to the gut ..... the alternative is the sugary stuff.... I try to avoid it... So yes I eat something I don't really like because it is good for me... I have actually grown to like somethings I didn't used to like ... never used to like fresh green beans... my DH loves them so I made them and ate them anyways... now I love them too.
I eat chicken and fish, I'd rather have steak or beef,
I understand - dont like it, why eat it? 

For many years I didnt.  I was 400+ pounds and it was unlikely you'd find a healthy item in my diet because I didnt like them.  Ive had to stop looking at food as just a taste thing - it was killing me.   

Food now has two values for me - taste and nutrition.  I eat mostly the healthy foods I prefer, a few that Im not crazy about and none that I hate. 

The idea of excluding every food I dont prefer is appealling but I choose to eat limited amounts of them because of health, economic and convience benefit.  I take vitamins and fiber not because I like them.  A few foods I also eat for the same reason. 

My goal after weight loss is along with healthy foods I prefer and none I hate is to also a few because theyre healthy although not particularly liked and a few because theyre liked although not particularly healthy. 
I understand why this wouldnt work for others though.
I like water while playing sports ortherwise I just don't like it much. But I hear your suppose to drink it all day so I have a habit of drinking from the fountain at work everytime I pass it.
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