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I don't know what to eat!

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I am having a problem..i don't know what i should eat. See, i am a senior in high school and i pay for everything i have. Including my food. I need some advice as to what i should eat. I usually have egg whites in the morning with diced tomatoes and either chunks of turkey or ham mixed in and then 2 slices of dry wheat toast. I feel like i am okay in that area. Sometimes i like to have oatmeal. Anyway i need to know what i should take for lunch to school?? i am limited on money considering that i pay for all my bills and only work on the weekends cuz of school activities during the week. My other problem is dinner. I have dance classes everyday, except fridays, right at 4 after school untill about 9 or 10 at night so usually i just grab something really fast but it always ends up being bread something. i feel i eat way to much grain and not enough of other things..i just dont know what i should eat or take..i have tried multiple things but i dont know if any are healthy..

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That's a lot to be responsible for as a senior in high school -- do you live at home and have a deal with your parents you will pay your way, or is it some other arrangement and you don't live with family?

Don't mean to ask for more than you're willing to tell, so the reason I ask is to determine whether there are trusted adults in your life who can help you budget and stay healthy with such a limited income?

Do you have access to a nutritionist or even a public health nurse through your high school so that you could talk about how you could budget for healthy lunches and dinners? 

As a dancer and a teenager your calorie requirements are going to be significant. I don't know your current height and weight, but assuming something average, you would probably need 2600 calories a day. Your bones are still forming up to age 25 and your hormonal development is critical during those years as well.

Your dance practice schedule is intense -- you will need more than lunches and dinners, but several hearty snacks throughout the day and early evening.

Things like nut butters, nuts, seeds can add energy to your day. Dairy (yogurts, cheeses) also could be part of a lunch and snacks. If you have access to a microwave at the dance studio, then bring stews to heat up (make them on the weekend). The stews can pack in protein with beans and meats as well as whatever vegetables appeal. 

Those are just a few ideas, but hopefully you can chat in person with a nutritionist to build a meal plan that you can manage with your schedule but that will ensure your energy and health for now and in the long term. Best of luck.

Hard boiled eggs are a good snack and don't require refrigeration. Dry beans are quite cheap and are easy to prepare (although require a bit of preparation). Canned tuna is a good source of protein. Mix that in with some greek yogurt or sour cream, some mustard, pepper maybe some salsa and make a burrito out of it. :) Sandwiches are also good, pile tons of sliced veggies use either cooked fish or deli meats for sauce sour cream or greek yogurt mixed with mustard.


Chicken is very inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Just cook a whole lot on Sundays so that it's ready for the weekday.

Also, another good and inexpensive meal is canned tomato soup.  I buy a whole bunch of  frozen vegetables which are inexpensive and add them to the soup, and some canned beans for protein.  It's quick and easy!

I also buy granola bars in bulk at Sam's Club or BJs.  Maybe someone you know has a membership and would be willing to take you?  You get 4x as much for a few more dollars.



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