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Does a regular slice of Dominos cheese pizza (with mushrooms) have partially hydrogenated oil in it? I looked up the ingredients of the different cheeses they have and the cheddar contains it but the mozarella doesn't. But I guess i'm dumb because I have no idea what kind of cheese I had.. so I guess what i'm asking is, what is the type of cheese that is on a regular slice of Dominos pizza?

And also, there isn't partially hydrogenated oils in the dough is there?

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I don't know if its in the dough or not... but what color was the cheese?  If it was yellowish whitish, it wasn't cheddar.  If it was orange, then it was cheddar.  I'm pretty sure they only use cheddar on certain pizzas.


If you don't eat a lot of hydrogenated oils, this once isn't going to cause you any harm.  What I'm trying to say is... don't get upset if you ate it.  It happens, just do better tomorrow.

There is hydrogenated soy bean oil in the deep dish crust.

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