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Difference between iron and protein

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What's the difference between iron and protein? I thought if I ate a lot of protein, I would also get a lot of iron although I've noticed that isn't necessarily the case. And I want to make sure to get enough iron b/c I'm borderline anemic.

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iron is a mineral; protein is a category of nutrient.

red meat and dark green vegetables are good sources of iron.
Iron helps your blood, protein helps your muscles. It's true that some foods are a good source in both iron & protein (like spinach) but that's not the general case.

Google "iron rich foods" for a good list.
There are a wide range of iron-rich foods and if you get a good variety each day then you should help your iron levels...  Red meat, whole eggs, dried apricots, dark green vegetables, pulses (lentils, beans, chickpeas), baked beans.... 

Your body needs Vitamin C in order to absorb the iron from your food so match them up with vitamin C-rich foods e.g. orange juice, kiwifruit.

And caffeine limits the absorption of iron.  So avoid coffee and cola drinks at the same time.

For iron, there's a lot of cereals that have 45% or more iron. (They're iron enriched.) So for breakfast, eat a good iron cereal and drink some orange juice. It's a great way to get 50%+ of your iron at the start of the day. (This is what I do on the mornings before I give blood and it works well.)

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