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Diet coke worse for you than normal Coke?!

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I heard from a mate whos done fitness & nutrition at her college that Diet Coke is worse for you than actual Coke because they use more fatten ingredients to substitute for the flavour.

I've also heard that people have lost pounds by switching from Diet Coke to normal Coke, one is my cousins husband.. He drinks Diet Coke by the gallon, seriously he goes through 3-4 big bottles of it a day!!! And yes he is overweight and is very unhealthy. He switched back to normal Coke after he heard about Diet Coke being worse for you.. And hes lost about 6lbs from switching back within about a month, he still eats the same, drinks the same amount of Coke and doesnt exercise so its defo not anything to do with that so it must be the Coke?

Has anyone else had heard of this?

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In actuality diet coke is NOT worse for you than normal coke is. Regular coke has 100 calories and like 24 grams of sugar per 8 oz whereas diet has 0 calories and 0 grams of actual sugar. You tell me which one is better.

The problem is twofold. One, diet coke uses artificial sweeteners which many people say is bad for your health. It also "fools" the body into thinking it's having sugar when it really isn't which causes the body to crave actual sugar more which could lead to binging. The main problem is that some people think to themselves "I'm having diet coke instead of regular coke so that means I can have the large fries with the cheeseburger." Take it from me - the second I switched from regular coke to diet coke, I lost weight immediately, and that's before I changed my diet and started exercising.

My dad switched from normal cokes to diet and didn't change anything else and lost 15 lbs! I will stick with diet!

I switched from diet soda to regular soda a couple of months ago.  In fact I cut out all artificial sweeteners from my life.  I haven't lost any weight from it, but I have noticed a couple of changes.

The first thing I noticed was that I started drinking less soda overall.  The diet soda never seemed to satisfy and so I drank a lot of it, but once I switched it seemed like a little soda goes a long way for me now.  I never drink a full can anymore, I order small drinks now where I used to order large, and even with the small drink I only finish less than half of it. 

My taste buds also changed.  When I was using artificial sweeteners regular sugar never seemed to be sweet enough for me.  It always took twice as much sugar as seemed normal to make something sweet because I was used to the super sweet artificial stuff.  Once I cut it out, I noticed after just a couple of weeks I could taste regular sugar again.  And now artificial sweetener is terrible to me, it's just tooooo sweet and fake tasting.

The third thing I noticed was that diet soda used to be an appetite stimulant to me.  I even used to use it that way.  I knew that even if I wasn't super hungry, I could take a few sips of diet soda and I would be hungry enough to eat.  But with regular soda it's actually a filling drink.  I could drink it as a snack if I was hungry if I really wanted to because it's so filling.  Of course I don't, but I could.

I barely drink Coke because it makes me ill, but whenever I get the craving I have the normal sugary stuff as opposed to the artificial stuff.

Coke isn't good for you as it is, but I'd rather put sugar in me than aspartame. Your body can't deal or process with it and it turns it into small amounts of poison which it stores in your brain. It sounds completely made-up and stupid, but it's true, my mum's hot on nutrition and my housemate is a chemistry and chemical whizz kid. He knows how the body deals with everything.

It might not be that dangerous but i'd rather not have any formaldehyde in me.

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