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Diet coke-no calories?

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A week into this diet, having successfully avoided all drinks aside from water and sugarless black coffee, and I have just read that diet coke has next to 0 calories in it. I thought it must be a mistake, and visited some other sites...all say the same thing. Less than 1 calorie per serving.

This seems to good to be true. I know that regardless of calories it is bad for you from a health point of view, but purely in regards to weight loss, is this for real? Is there a catch? I find it hard to believe I could drink a 2 litre bottle of this a day and it not make a difference to my weight...
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it will make a differnce to your health. yes, a 2 little bottle will have about 10 caloires in it. BUT it has been shown to thin womens bones and also it is packed of chemicals that will make you feel like crap. Have TOPS a 500ml serving of diet anything a day.

REPLACE it with water. Water WILL help keep you hydrated AND wll clean up your skin, stop bloating and sharpen your mind. Water can also help you lose weight by balancing your electrolites and making your body more effecint.

Coke does sod all for your health, even diet stuff.
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Just a warning,
i started drinking diet coke for my diet ,had about a can a day , after about two weeks i got horrible stomach problems, supposedly diet coke is MORE acidic than regular coke and actually causes ulcers.  Nasty stuff drink reglular once in a while but cut out that dam aspartame.

ph ratings: (first number is Avg. Paper Reading, 2nd is Avg. Meter Reading) Lower ph number = more acidic

Diet Coke 4
Cola‚?? Coke‚?? Diet 4.19

Juice‚?? Grape 2.71

Cola‚?? Pepsi‚?? regular 2.85 3.28
Cola‚?? Coke‚?? regular 3.16 3.30
cherry coke 3.00 3.50
Juice‚?? Cranberry Apple 2.50 3.52
Cola‚?? Coke‚?? caffeine-free 4.00 4.40
Cola‚?? Coke‚?? Diet 4.19 5.11
Cola‚?? Pepsi‚?? Diet 3.86 4.30
Wine‚?? red 2.00 3.30
Cola‚?? Diet Rite 2.75 1.75

Diet Coke 3.39 vs Coke Classic 2.63 at Another link
Thanks guys. For the record, I'm not planning on drinking bottomless amounts of the stuff.  But water, water, and more bloody water can get a bit much, and milk and juices are blow through your calories pretty fast. A glass or 2 every couple of days sounds pretty nice to me.
look for a post about the effects of artificial sweeteners. i think it's in foods. artificial sweeteners are not good for your health and can even be dangerous at high levels. i'd check that out if you can find it. if not, i'd try to avoid it as much as possible, you can get aspartame poisoning or other gastrointestinal problems from them.
All arguments about the evils of artificial sweeters, acids, and coloring aside, diet coke DOES have one ingredient that is a horrible addition to any diet.


I don't think I'm alone in saying that it is the strongest appetite stimulant I've ever encountered.  The one thing that separates my current diet from any other diet I've ever done is that I laid off the caffeine.  I'm not hungry all the time and as such I'm sticking to it this time.  Sure the headaches were bad for a few days as I weaned off of the stuff, but it's way better than being hungry.  I feel so much better now - and when I DO need a burst of energy for work or whatnot, half a can of diet coke has me hopping.
But just think about you liver when you drink your diet coke, it will have to process the bi-products of the additives (aspartame) instead of realeasing energy from fat stores (lipoysis) and (ketogenisis). methyl ester is a real poison and so is aspartic acid if you consume enough of it. 
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