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Diet coke?? how bad is it really?

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Hello all!!

I drink tons of diet coke !! I mean no calories and tons of cola flavor yum! I was just wondering some of the cons of drinking it alot. Thanks !
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okay so I don't really drink any sodas. Because they are all bad for you. BUT if I do, then I drink normal ones, because the diet ones are apparantly pretty lethal.

And then I don't really know what you mean by "tons" cause that could be anything, really.

My idea?

Splurge on a real one, instead of drinking lots of the fake one. Enjoy it with some ice cubes and a twist of lemon....


I prefer non alc beer myself....
caffiene dehidrates you which means if you don't drink tons of water then you body is in water storage mode where it thinks there's a drought and it stores extra water in your body since it doesn't know when it's going to get enough fresh water.

The sodium in it also helps you store more water in your body.

The caffiene restricts your blood vessels while upping your heart rate so if you appear to be a little high in blood pressure this can be the cause.  Also this can be the cause of many headaches when you go too long without it.   Getting off of caffiene takes a little time but your blood vessels will get better... your water (if you go to drinking just water, 2.5 liters atleast per day) weight will drop... and overall you'll feel a lot better as well.

This isn't just diet coke... it's all softdrinks.  Even caffiene free drinks have enough other negatives to affect em.   Diet drinks have the fake sweeteners... some in the past have been linked to cancer so ... it's best just to try and stay away from over indulging in them as well.
Lethal?!?!  I doubt that.

I've heard the Diet Coke makes you retain water, but I'm not sure why, because it only contains 40 mg/sodium per 12 ounces.
I have to debate that (lethal?).  I drink diet coke, my family has for years and we are still alive and cancer free.  If you are a soda drinker, diet is the way to go.  Try waist watchers soda, made with splenda and yummy flavors.  OH one can of soda has the equivalent of like 20 teaspoons of sugar.
The most recent research is that diet soft drinks increase appetite with their sugary taste and sweetness causing many who drink diet drinks to then crave other sweets.
I am going to be working in a laboratory that studies artifical sweeteners in conjunction with obesity, and megmc135's comment goes along with this study. Overall, when someone (even lab rats, as we use) injests diet soda, it tricks the orosensory system into thinking it's had sweets with calories, when there are none. This tells the body it needs more calories to make up for the sweet sensation, and you crave food. That is why if you eat a full-sugar item, you generally get your fill of it---it seems rich, so your body says stop. That is usually negated with sugar free items.

Also, I do believe there are some residual calories in diet coke (if you look it up on here) so you might want to check that out. It's not anything that will crash your diet, but just for your reference.

One other thing, the cola component leeches calcium from your bones, so if you drink TONS make sure you take a supplement. I forget why it does that, but an interesting experiment is to take a chicken bone, put it in a dish of cola, and leave it for a couple of weeks. It should be soft enough to tie into a knot.
Also, diet sodas are about as acidic as regular ones, so these wreak havoc on your teeth.  It's best to keep the soda to a minimum for optimum dental health.  One here and there isn't too bad, though.
As a somewhat reformed former addict, (only reason i quit is because when on b/c pill just don't like it, makes me feel sick - i guess when your body thinks it is pregnant it doesn't let you eat things that would be bad for the baby).

My biggest fear about diet coke is what it does to your teeth, especially if you drink it slowly all day. Although the pH of diet coke is higher (closer to neutral) than normal coke, it still does errode your enamel, and also the brown colourings stain your teeth.

 Whatever you do, DON'T ever brush your teeth imediately after drinking, much better to drink water, let the enamel weakened by the acid to reharden, and then brush an half an hour or so later (same goes for fruit juices etc)

Then there is also the fact that the sweetners do degrade to chemicals that are not so good for you (including formaldehyde). Therefore if you are going to drink it, ONLY drink the newest diet coke you find, and NEVER drink it when out of date, or if been sitting in the sun a long time (heat speeds up the degradation of the sweetner)  (if you don't believe me about this, keep a bottle of diet coke with about an inch left closed for a couple of months and then open and smell - you won't want to drink it so much anymore!)

These things being said, I miss not wanting to drink it, I still do out of habit sometimes, but I know my body is thanking me for not drinking it. and never really found it made me want to eat sugar, in fact it is almost impossible to drink while eating chocolate and enjoy the chocolate!
My former hubby drank diet coke instead of water for years - he got kidney stones from it.  My son, who drank diet coke instead of water for about six years - got kidney stones from it. 

Both of their doctors told them to stop drinking diet coke.  Either drink a diet white soda (like Sprite or 7up) or drink sugared soda less often.  Personally, I think you would be best to drink water, experimenting with flavorings such as lemon, lime, etc that are natural.
Diet coke is FINE, but I wouldnt just drink diet coke.  I would MAKE myself drink twice as much water as I did diet coke.  I've actually cut back to 1 diet coke PLUS a day.  Opposed to my 6 pack :)

AND Diet coke DOES have calories.  Just not enough to reflect from portion size.  Once you start getting up in ounces, I believe 22oz's has 5 calories in it. 36 has 10 cals, and so on.  So dont let it fool you.

Sodium wise, diet coke isnt that bad, but it's not that great.  Plus the caffiene leaks calcium out of your bones, so try to cut back if possible.

Make sure to drink WATER too.  Water plays an important role in weight loss.  Good luck!
Im a diet pepsi freak. However I've gone from drinking diet pepsi all day, to about one, maybe two on the weekends, i usually drink it when other people would grab coffee... its too hot here for coffee all year!! (AZ)...

I always thought the rule of thumb was for each amount of diet soda, drink twice as much water, something to do with the caffeine and dehydrating you??
Well, too much of anything is bad for you. That said, I don't think a can or 2 at the most will kill you or give you cancer- it hasn't done that for me.
No one has mentioned this, but the phosphorus in sodas cause calcium loss.  If you do drink sodas, be sure to counter increased calcium intake.
Calcium loss hey?? I didn't know that!! I should keep tjhat in mind becase my moms side of the familly has a history of ostroprosois ( I can't spell) lol
How about those new carbonated drinks that are flavored like the aquafina oraange splash, anyone heard of it?? would this be a better alternitive?? I love carbonated drinks !
If you are concerned about diet soda, but still like fizz (like me!) try seltzer water.  You can drink it strait up or lace it with a bit of juice -- pomegranate is nice.  No calories.  No sodiium.  Just water with fizz. 

If you drink anything but water -- even juice -- drink it through a straw to protect your teeth. 
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I will say that anytime I drink anything with artificial sweeteners in it I alwasy feel incrediblyhungry afterward it tends to really kill my diet.  that said I gave up soda a while ago and I find that a) the craving have stopped all together and b) if I do try to drink a soda I don't even like the taste of it anymore.  There is no reason to drink anything but water in life except maybe milk and then it should be skim milk (I personally drink a quart a day).  Milk has calcium so it is good for you and will fill you up a bit.  it does have calories though.  my quart is about 330, which I find isnt a lot for me because I tend to have that instead of breakfast maybe with a banana which makes for 450 calories or a decent sized breakfast for a man.  Your body also has to spend time processing soda of any kind.  this means that your liver is spending hours a day processing artificial sweetener rather than burning fat.
If someone can, please correct me on this.

I have heard that diet pop is worse for you than the regular.  About 10 years ago, I was addicted to Crush soda.  I was drinking 6 cans a day and finally I got sick off of it.  So I stopped drinking it completely and I have been feeling a lot better since.  So to much pop can catch up to you in the long run.

My advice is to cut back drinking a day.  Then I would seitch to drinking either Sprite or 7-UP, but not the diet.  But I would also drink a lot of water.
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The truth about the dangers of diet soda is that people feel that since there are no calories they can drink high amounts without jeopardizing their calorie goals.

The problem with diet soda, and more importantly ANY carbonated beverage (especially for women) is the phosporus, and phosphoric acid.  Every carbonated beverage, diet or regular, contains phosphoric acid which is known to depete the bones of calcium.  For women, this is a major risk factor for osteoporosis.

I think the message is that moderation is key, and a diet soda here and there isnt going to hurt you, but those addicted to several cans of soda or the equivalent a day run the risk of depleting their bones of needed calcium, not to mention being exposed to the adverse affects of caffeine in high amounts.
The problem with diet soda, and more importantly ANY carbonated beverage (especially for women) is the phosporus, and phosphoric acid. Every carbonated beverage, diet or regular, contains phosphoric acid which is known to depete the bones of calcium. For women, this is a major risk factor for osteoporosis.

FWIW the major study on sodas and BMD (bone mineral density) showed that only colas, diet or otherwise, affected anyone and then only women.  

From the study:

"No evidence exists that occasional use of carbonated beverages, including cola, is detrimental to bone," they note. "However, unless additional evidence rules out an effect, women who are concerned about osteoporosis may want to avoid the regular use of cola beverages."
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