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Because sometimes looking at pictures of fattening food can actually HELP your diet! ille-Healthy-Food-Examiner~y2009m4d19-Deep-fr ied-Coke-a-soft-drink-to-harden-your-arteries


Would you eat that EVER?


*Also, I'm glad that the article at least tries to find healthy fair food too, FWIW.

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It's just coke-flavored funnel cake with whipped cream on top.


Looks delicious to me (aside from the calories, which is really no worse than a regular fried funnel cake with toppings).

i'm not going to lie, I would totally eat that.

mostly for curiosity's sake though. I def would not eat an entire cup of it.

I would absolutely eat that...and any fair food.

An absolute no from me, I am not even tempted (nor saying that to sound healthy), it just really looks awful and sounds awful, ewww.


I ate some of that a few years back. It tastes a lot like leftover chinese food.

My sister's then-boyfriend was from France, and was fascinated by our incredibly dumb food. However, he ate more of it than any of us.

I'm with you, soliwit. Stuff like that makes me want to go eat some vegetables.

And I'm not saying it to sound healthy either! Really gross junk food isn't my weakness. Cheese is!

That was honestly disgusting!!!

Hmm what if it was deep-fried Diet Coke? 

I'd try it.  Come on, it's "fair food" and I only go to the fair about once every 5 years, so it's not that bad.

Double post -- how'd that happen? 

I'm still in awe over some of the food that people come up with! That's as bad as a deep fried snickers or deep fried Twinkies! I'm convinced there is a committee out there where they stand around a deep fryer with a table of already bad for you foods and think "Hmm which one of these foods should we toss into the fryer?!?!" Ew! Lol

They had deep fried Coke at our local county fair a few summers back. Someone in our group got one, and I tried a bite.....tasted kinda like burnt sugar, covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce. No thanks. 

Another time at that same fair, I went with a group of friends who all they wanted to do was sample all the crazy fair food. There was deep fried avocado (totally gross!), deep fried artichokes (totally yummy!), deep fried Oreos (scary good!) and the kicker....a chicken sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tomato, but instead of regular buns, they used glazed Krispy Kreme jelly-filled donuts!! Uuuugghhh!! It seriously looked so disgusting, I almost threw up. My friend who tried it had about two bites and threw the rest out. No one else would try any, haha. 

Oh, and if you wanna see some REAL grossness, check this out:


LOL at deep fried Diet Coke!

The idea of deep fried artichokes or avocados makes me sad. What a ruination of great foods.

I would definitely try it, without the whipped cream, though.  I really don't like canned whip cream, and I'm sure they didn't make that themselves. XD

My roomie grew up in North Carolina.  His family is from NC and West Virginia (complete with hamhocks and butterbeans -- and I don't mean the species of bean called a 'butterbean,' I mean lima beans cooked in enough butter to kill and ox).

I used to joke about the national food of the south being 'deep-fried sugarlard.'

...I didn't realize they actually made such a concoction...

Edit: And to answer your question ... No, I would not eat this.  Not because it's fried -- a little fried food once in a great while won't kill you -- but because the sheer quantity of Coke syrup involved is revolting.

That picture actually made me feel a little queazy.  I love coke but couldn't consider deep frying it, yuck.

Try this one on - Deep Fried Mars Bar Bar they do actually eat these up in Scotland.  Personally the thought is enough to put me off :)


Original Post by jmd22:

Oh, and if you wanna see some REAL grossness, check this out:


 revolting is right!!!!  i couldn't have even dreamed up some of these "meals"


who the h*)#@ thinks up these things?!?!?  so glad i live north of the border....i'm sure we can be bad too but come on! 

my stomach won't stop roiling but like when you're passing a bad accident...i can't stop looking!

I would never eat this. A deep fried Oreo I MAY try one of, but never this. It looks gross and I can hear my arteries screaming and watch the cute little dress hanging up over there shudder at the thought of me eating that.

What the heck??? Why do Americans insist on deep-frying EVERYTHING??? What's next - deep-fried shoes??

I'm going to have to pass on that, although I do eat funnel cake with soft serve once a year in the summer.

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