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how much dark chocolate a day?

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I was wondering how much dark chocolate is a healthy amount to eat a day?

edit: also what is the best type of dark chocolate you can have?
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well, it sort of depends on how much you can fit in your calorie allotments for the day.  i bought a bag of the special dark hershey kisses and have one or two some days (about 25-50 cals).  this also helps to curb some of the sweets cravings, and i've somehow managed to avoid going crazy with them.  chocolate is good for you in small portions, as you probably know, and i think you can get some of the benefits with just a little bit per day. you might google 'superfoods' and 'chocolate' - it think that it is one (sorry i don't have any research or links available for you).  you might find some more "pure" chocolate, depending on how bitter you can handle - i use the kisses b/c they're easier to portion out.  i find if there's a bar in front of me i'll just eat it.

good luck. 


The darker the better, honestly. And I'd say you could probobly have a small square (30 calories average) or two a day. I buy organic, pure 88% dark chocolate, which is just about the darkest you'll find anywhere. It's also the highest in antioxidants and fiber, so I'd try to find that, if you can!
I have a dove dark chocolate square (42 cals) every day on my way to school. That is enough for me to satisfy a chocolate addiction! It is all about moderation. Just because you may be able to eat a pound of dark chocolate a day and it still be healthy for you doesn't mean that you HAVE to eat a pound a day. That is a little far fetched, but you get my point. Dove is the best dk chocolate to me. Just buy a bag of the individually wrapped ones and enjoy one a day.

I eat little bits of dark chocolate (1 square or so) every day.  It makes me happy.  I eat it really slowly, letting it melt in my mouth so I can really taste it.  

In my opinion, the best chocolate brand that's readily available in the US is Scharrfen Berger.  They make some very high cocoa percentage chocolate that really satisfy me.  The flavors are really complex, much more than mass produced chocolates.  Sometimes I also get cocoa nibs, little bits of cocoa bean, that don't have any sugar.  

My first answer is as much as you can fit in your calories for the day, LOL, but that's the chocoholic in me talking.  1-2 squares/kisses a day is reasonable.
I allow myself 1-2 squares of 85% cacao dark chocolate, for 53 calories a square I think it's doable.
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i love chocolate.


godiva extra dark does it for me anyday :) 


I like the CocoaVia bars... 100 calories and have little bits of blueberry and almonds in them... so yummy :)
I love the Ghirardelli chocolate squares.  Depending on the type, they're around 55 calories each.  I typically break 1 square into 4 pcs and let each one melt away on my tongue one at a time.  I've got one of those assorted bags consisting of Intense Dark - 72%, Mint Bliss - 60% and Espresso Escape - 60%.   Depending on the type, they're around 55 calories each.  I think they make an 83%, but I haven't tried that yet. 
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