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danone activia yogurt- problems

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Due to having problems with bloating, I decided to include a pot of activia yogurt to my daily intake. After a week I found that I was no longer bloating, now five weeks in, my stomach bloats up like a football after eating lunch (a light lunch) and find myself to have really bad stomach cramps.

Apart from the activia, theres been no major change in my diet. So is the problem this yogurt or am I just being a big girls blouse?

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Kefir is GREAT for probiotics.

and folks, it is not not NOT the probiotics causing this problem! It is most definitely the sugar alcohol!

One common source of sugar alcohols is a sweetner called 'maltitol.' It's made from corn and it tastes sweet but is not absorbed by the body; it works a lot like fiber, only many many people experience severe bloating, gas, and/or gastrointestinal disturbances with it. On the maltitol website, they say that you can develop a tolerance to sugar alcohols, and the symptoms will go away after a couple weeks of regular consumption.

It's not the best thing for you. It's actually pretty difficult to find protein bars that do not have maltitol in them. Most 'reduced sugar' stuff has maltitol in it. So be aware of that!

Once again, probiotics are great for almost everybody; we already have these cultures in our stomachs; they're known as 'good bacteria,' and should help combat the effects of the maltitol, as well as flus, stomach 'bugs', and the like.

Yogurt is STILL a great source of probiotics. Just not yogurt with maltitol in it!

Good luck!
I eat Activia everyday because i was having stomach problems i was always sick to my stomach and i have been eating this for 2 months and have no problems. I wonder if you just can't tolerate it? 
That's true, sleepy. Sugar alcohols don't bother everyone. Just some.

It actually took me a while to figure out that they bothered me. Every day for lunch I would eat a lunch at Whole Foods and a cookie for dessert. It took a lot of trial and error for me to find out that it was the cookie that was bothering my intestines. It was a sugar free vegan cookie. I took a picture of the ingredients list with my phone, then researched each ingredient. Finally, I came down to maltitol. On the website, it said maltitol can cause excessive gassiness or gastrointestinal problems in some people. Bingo!

But yeah, not everyone gets that reaction, or Activia would be out of business!
Hi everyone,

I have to tell you that this about the 4th forum I have found that shows MANY issues with the consumption of Activia. I started looking after my experience last year. Some of these problems are mild, some are fairly painful, and some are incredibly serious.

I have always had stomach/gas/digestive issues...but nothing has ever been diagnosed...even with an upper and lower GI. I am now 36. I thought that activia sounded SOOOO great...and I read it for any warnings...NONE....and I started on my happy way to a healthy intesinal system. After day one I was already having gas and slight cramping. I kept on regime as directed..thinking it was just my body adjusting ( alot of people make that mistake...only makes the pain last longer)...well everyday the gas,cramps, and horrible diarrhea just got worse. After almost a week I finally stopped. Miraculously...the cramps, gas and diarrhea all stopped within 2 days of not taking the Activia.

Bottom line...this product is NOT for everyone. It is NOT safe for everyone. Something that adds to the flora of your intesinal tract may be harmful for people who already have an abundance people who already have some gastrointestinal issues. Sadly, these are the people ( like myself and many others) who would gravitate to this product in hopes of regulating their systems.

I started reading forums early in 2006 when I had my problem to see if I was the only one. I am not...obviously. I do think that this product does have benefits for alot of people, but I think it can cause alot of pain for others. I started checking the Activia website to see if they added any new warnings or counterindications. They have not. In their FAQ's...they still state...

Can BL RegularisTM be harmful? No. These types of bacteria have a long and safe history of use.

  1. Who is Activia® for? Activia® is suitable for everyone.

  1. Is there a risk in eating too much Activia®? Are there any counter-indications? We have no specific information on over-consumption of Activia® because fermented milks are regular consumption food. However, throughout our clinical studies, certain subjects had to ingest three portions per day for 15 days, and we noted no particular complaints - even from elderly people who were not used to ingesting such quantities of yogurt.

    All over-consumption can alter the dietary routine, so it is important to ingest foods from all necessary groups every day.

    Counter-indication: Allergies to milk.

I have to believe that Danone..or Dannon in the WELL aware of these complaints and problems and that they continue to be negligent in their marketing and warnings. I also believe that until an actual lawsuit occurs, they will continue to market this product until the profit margin no longer wins over the loss due to legal cases. The fact that they don't even have a warning that these side effects could that people don't think they are crazy or that it's something else they are eating....makes me disgusted with their company and ethics.

For those of you who have great results from this product, I am glad you found something that helped. For those of us that had very negative and painful results, I think we wish there had been some type of warning.

That's my story. Be careful .

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Hey everyone,

I need some suggestions from everybody actively participating in this forum and who are using or have already used activia.I am a working professional with no time for physical exercise and because of that my digestion system doesnt work very well most of the times , also acidity is a big problem for me now a days and I take different kind of pills to avoid it.

Do you people suggest that activia is a good option for me or there are more side effects than benifits??

Hope to get responses from u all...

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Actually I have the same problem. I experience occasional bloating and slow bowel movements. I always have to be careful to eat plenty of fruit, veggies, and other types of fiber to stay regular, so I was thinking that Activia would help the process. After about 2 weeks of eating Activia every day, I was blowing up like a beach ball every night, and experiencing constant acid indigestion. I would then end up using an effervescent to relieve some of the bloating and indigestion. I've always consumed plenty of milk and milk products, so it's not the problem here. Then I recalled that I had the same exact problem when I was taking a product called Primadophilus Bifidus. I remember that after I stopped taking it, system took about 2 weeks to get back to normal. Well, Bifidus is the same bacteria that is contained in Activia. It obviously doesn't agree with my digestive system. I may have an allergy to it or something. I do not have the same reaction to acidophilus. In any case I am looking forward to my system getting back to normal.

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I must disagree with shakti that it is the sugar alcohol that is causing the problem for all of us. That may be the case for some, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I had taken a supplement called Primadophilus Bifidus (which is contained in a capsule), and I had the same symptoms as when taking the Activia. I don't have the this problem when consuming other cultures such as acidophilus, for instance.
I use to never be able to eat yogurt because it caused my joints to swell, no one believed me so I never got it checked out.  Now I have no problems, I have no idea what changed.
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Activa works...I usually get crampy then go to the bathroom... So maybe these crampy people are very constipated ... Maybe you guys should see a Gastroenterologist?
Activia does not have sugar alcohols.
all I know is that I have been "regularly" taking Rainbow Light's calcium plus magnesium pills, as well as New Chapter's woman's daily vitamins. I put regularly in quotes, because this combo keeps me quite regular.

Add in some fiber from your fruits and veggies, and you should be a-okay.

p.s. when I stopped taking the cal/mag pills due to running out, I wasn't as regular.

hope this helps!
Aug 22 2007 04:10
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Aloe Vera juice has been helping me immensely! After encountering bloating and acid indigestion which coincided to the consuming of Activia, I didn't recover after stopping my usage of this culture as I had previously, so after about 6 weeks, I turned to Prilosec. You take that for 14 days, and then not again for about six months. Well that helped for about a month, but then the bloating and acid indigestion returned. I didn’t know what to do, short of visiting a Doctor, but then I remembered that Aloe Vera Juice was supposed to help with digestion. I had consumed Aloe Vera Juice previously, but only one glass per day. So I decided to try a Three (3) glass a day regime of Aloe Vera Juice, and amazingly, it’s been working! The bloating and the acid are gone! I haven't had to take Alka-Seltzer since I began the three glass-a-day Aloe Vera about two months ago. I still plan to follow up with a Doctor, but at least for now, the bloating and indigestion have been eliminated.


If i remember correctly Aloe Vera juice has a horrid

How do you manage to drink three glasses a day? Do u like the taste? If not - how do you "mask" the taste?
I'm late to the blog, but I'd like to give you my story of how I came to try Activia but will never eat it again (Dannon PR, hope you're reading this).

My husband and I went on a camping trip and decided to buy some yogurt on the way. We chose Activia because I've had a good experience in the past with probiotic yogurt and he was game for trying it. We put it immediately on ice in the small cooler. The next day, we ate it for breakfast before our hike. Anyway, about 3 hours later, well into the deep woods, my husband, who is normally chatty started to look unwell. He just brushed it off. I thought it was a little fatigue from hike up the falls. Later he mentioned that he needed to go to the bathroom and was fine but glad we were on the return section of the trail. About 30 minutes later, after spying deer and black bear and chasing a few butterflies, I was overcome with severe camps, the doubling-over kind, and then felt really weak and had to sit down on the trail. At that point I told him I was going to be very sick (code speak for diarrhea) and needed to go immediately to the bathroom. So, because I was so weak and could barely stand, he dragged me to a spot where I was "very sick." It was humiliating, and I apologized profusely, as it was our wedding anniversary and I certainly didn't want to give him this memory. I thought I was fine, but about 20 minutes down the trail, the same thing happened, only worse. I got my act together and was okay for the rest of the trail. Anyway, once we found the proper facilities, he had the same experience, only he was able to control it better than me. We went through our diet, trying to figure out what we had that was different than the prior day. Nothing. So it seemed to be the yogurt -- yet I hadn't had a bad experience with probiotic yogurt before. Activia seemed the likely culprit -- after reading these postings (thanks, by the way), I know it's the root cause. Possibly, the maltitrol (sp?) issue? Either way, it doesn't matter. We just threw away the other two yogurt cups and swore off Activia, and I've since emailed my mom to advise her to stay away from the product (that's pretty powerful, negative word of mouth). I'm sure some people don't have problems with eating it, but I do think it's a very, very, very bad idea for those who do, especially immediately, to persist taking it just because the company stamps a two-week challenge (or whatever) on the label. Folks, listen to your bodies and don't continue to consume things and put things in your system if you have a weird reaction. Especially one that so terribly upsets your digestive tract. There are simple ways to improve your diet and help your system run better -- avoiding too many carbs and sugars, increaing fiber intake (again, in natural ways, like an apple or a salad), and getting exercise and seeking ways to reduce stress. These simple ways work without persisting on trying a product that, although it might be beneficial for some, does not most definitely work for you. Listen to your bodies.
Apologies, I didn't make two things absolutely clear:
- Prior to Activia, I had only tried other brands of probiotic yogurt (without ill effects); and
- I think Dannon should not put that "challenge" on its label, as this posting proves that many people persist taking the product despite feeling bad (they had wonderful willpower, but Activia is still doing the damage).
I feel sorry for the dog that sampled the yogurt in the earlier posting. I could totally see giving an animal a spoonful to taste. I'll remember this in the future when it comes to table scraps, etc.
Sep 06 2007 02:48
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IMO, Aloe Vera Juice has a mild almost neutral taste, but not really unpleasant. I've continued to drink it, and I haven't had problems with acid indigestion since doing so.
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I just tried the activia yogurt last night for the first time and I was sicker than a dog today.  I spent my day throwing up and had really bad diareah.  I know it had to be the yogurt because that's the only thing out of the ordinary that I ate last night.  I'm sending a complaint to the company first thing tomorrow.



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I tried activia last year, and also got really really sick. I actually had bouts that can only be described as severe food poisoning, for at least 6 months, and I feel that my stomach is now more sensitive to many things.

When I contacted the company they tried to convince me that I am lactose intolerant. I am not lactose intolerant. I can drink 2 pints of milk and have no issues at all. Also, the bacteria in yogurt digests the lactose, and  there is very little lactose in yogurt. They offered to send me some more yogurt free, which actually made me feel slightly naseous.

I didn't have any digestive problems before I started taking the yogurt. I didn't actually realize that ACtivia contains a special patented bacteria, I thought that they were just re-advertising the fact that all yogurt contains pro-biotics. Apparently the patented bacteria that Danon created did not agree with me. I am eating a lot of real yogurt to try to out-compete the bad Danon bacteria.

 That is what I suggest for everyone having problems.

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Hi there, I bought Activia last week-Raspberry, and Vanilla, I thought it tasted fairly decent, we really prefer Yoplait though.  Instantly, I began having horrible gastric problems; stomach pains, bloating, difficulty urinating, and extremely painful bowel movements.   I was in agony.  Activia was the only different food added to my diet so I stopped eating it.  Two days have passed since I last ate Activia; my bloating has decreased considerably, and my other functions are slowly returning to normal.  I called 1-888-Activia and Joesephia just read me a 'scripted litany' praising Activia and its natural cultures.....I threw 6 yogurts away and I will never put that product back into my body....never....I'm 42 years old, I never experienced anything like this before.

Sugar Free gum is the biggest culprit of sugar alcohol-related bloating and stomach gurgling. My girlfriend had this problem for a while until her doctor recommended she stop chewing sugar free gum. Her problems have been reduced significantly since she did that.

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