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Dairy-related issues?

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Alrighty, so I'm not sure if this would be better off here or in the "Health" forums, but I have a few questions about dairy, um, side affects. Okay, nothing really gross, just some thoughts.

I have GERD and sometimes after I eat dairy (particularly yogurt or Greek yogurt especially) I feel like I have a "mucous" layer in my mouth and it's really disgusting. I have read that this is not unheard of with dairy, so I was wondering if maybe it was part of the reason. I mean, I eat A LOT of dairy right now. Several containers of Greek yogurt, plus cottage cheese. I probably need to cut back regardless, but I will most definitely give it a try if it will help get rid of the nastiness.

Also, the age-old question - does dairy cause acne? Have you personally experienced better skin if/when you've backed off from dairy or if you are a vegan? I don't have terrible skin, but I have always wondered about this. Thanks!

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Ok, having done a bunch of research on the issue of dairy & mucus in the past, I can say that you're not alone in that mucus-y feeling in your mouth. Dairy doesn't increase production of mucus, but it does thicken what's already there. As for acne? Never heard of a link between dairy & acne.  Drink tons of water, make sure you wash & moisturize your face every day, and see a dermatologist.  :)

Dairy does cause mucus. You're eating a TON of dairy products right now; cut way back on them and the feeling will go away. 

I've had an experience with the dairy-acne link, but be warned, it's a long story! I used to have atrocious skin from ages 12-16. I went to several dermatologists over the years who prescribed be loads of creams and pills, but nothing worked. I stumbled across a site that talked about dairy causing acne so I gave it a go. I saw results immediately. In a couple of months, my skin was soft, bright and clear! I got myself officially tested and found out I was allergic to the proteins in dairy. This is not uncommon; most people cannot process dairy and don't know it. Sure, I miss yogurt and cheese, but eating dairy is not worth the stomach aches, sleeplessness, mucus and ACNE.

I had pretty bad skin, acne and eczema, when I had a heavy dairy diet. 

I am now dairy-free and my skin is great! Also I generally feel much better after eating (dairy makes me queasy) I eat a bit of cheese or cream every now and again but I feel so much better with out it. 

The best thing is to go 100% dairy free and see what happens. Then maybe bring little bits back in to see how much you can handle. 

Good luck 

No, milk doesn't cause mucus. 55

But cutting it out and then adding it back in slowly is a very good idea.

I have skin problems and my doctor took me off gluten and dairy and it hasn't helped at all!
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