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Anyone have some refreshing ideas for these things..

I'm sick of just ranch (light :) dipping..
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Hummus?  Agave nectar?  Baba ghanouj?
Cottage cheese is my favorite thing to dip it in. High in protein and calcium. Maybe add some garlic.

Try dipping in some salsa. Low in calories and spicy! Only thing to watch for is sodium.

Bean dip. Although the storebought version can be high in sodium, so you're probably better off whipping up a batch of your own. Hummus is always great, too.
Scoop out the middle seed bits and fill with salsa and eat like a long canoe. Mix cottage cheese with low-sodium/lite sweet chilli sauce, or some french onion soup mix, for frnech onion dip.
I'd just find a new veggie :D
Just sqeeze some lemon or lime on them and enjoy!!!
Lime is definitely a good idea.  A popular way to eat them in Mexico is to squeeze lime juice and then sprinkle chili powder on them. 

My husband likes them with balsamic vinegar, salt, and fresh basil.
I like vinegar, salt and pepper..

Also, light mayo and a little bit of dill to make a cucumber salad.

Cucumber and non-fat cream cheese can make a killer sandwich - but I might just like that b.c my family's British..
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Dijonnaise :) I love my carrot/celery/cucumber sticks with some dijonnaise for dipping. 80cals/100g and one serve is probably only 10-15g!
thinly sliced cukes, thinly sliced onions, fat free mayo and pepper.  Soak the cukes in salt water for a bit, drain and squeeze out excess moisture.  Mix in ff mayo, refrigerate for a bit, stir and enjoy.
I just peel and seed them and cut them in sticks and eat them as is.  they combine juicyness and crunch very nicely.  Salt and lemon juice is nice on cucumbers.  Just let them soak in it for a minute, drain and eat.
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soak them in balsamic vinagarette or any other flavored vinagarette that you enjoy, and mix with some sliced tomatoes.   Also, this is really good with fresh mozz cheese.  Add some ground black pepper... mmmm   You could also toss this mix in some romaine or field greens. 
if you slice the cucumber thinly and dip [sparingly] in rice vinegar it's delicious...rice vinegar [or so i ahve heard] is great for your skin/hair/nails etc but it's high in sugar.
Apple cider vinegar with thinly sliced peeled cucumbers & onions

Or peeled cucumber chunks with cherry tomatoes and chopped bell peppers (especially the red and/or yellow ones!)
I always loved this for summer...

low-fat sour cream or cottage cheese, sliced cucs, salt, pepper, and some dill. MMM
I actually just bought a cucumber last week because I have never tried them, and I have been wondering what to eat with them aswell. I think I'll try either the ranch dressing (light), or the cottage cheese.
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