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crystal light vs plain water

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Can I drink crystal light in place of plain water? My trainer says yes but my dad says once you add something to water - it isn't water anymore.

Any help will be appreciated!

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That's ridiculous, what your dad says... I find that Crystal Light helps me drink more water, when I'm at work, I can drink up to 4 liters with the Crystal Light powder added. I can never drink that much water otherwise. At only 10 calories and 10mg of Sodium per packet, I'd say it's definitely worth it, I find I lose weight A LOT faster, no lie, I have been testing this for awhile. Try the Peach Mango Tea, it's the best!  =)

Not to be disrespectful, but your dad is wrong. When you hear that we're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day, that means from all sources . . . so the water in tea, juice, etc. - even vegetables - counts. You might have to be careful with caffeinated beverages, sodas etc. because there are other ingredients that have various effects on the body . . . but it doesn't have to be pure water to be "water." So, if adding crystal light motivates you to drink more water, add away!

 Crystal light has artificial sweetners in it that can be harmful in large amounts. You shouldn't replace regular water with crystal light. It's fine to drink just don't replace water with it. I disagree that the 8 glasses per day includes other sources. It literally means 8 glasses of pure water per day. Artificial sweetners can cause you to have various cravings. The more sugarless gum I chew the more I want! It's better just to stick with water. It's okay to have a bit of Crystal light but it's not a good idea to drink more of it than water.

I personally stay away from any artificial sweeteners when I can. In drinks especially. Really there is nothing good about them except that they have not calories. There are different opinions on this but I find that when I use them I am hungrier, bloated and just don't feel well. Others do not have a problem. If you do a Google search for artificial sweeteners and side effects/ negative effects you will find all kinds of reasons not to use them. But I believe in moderation they may be ok for some people. I just like to avoid anything like that myself. It is a personal choice tough.

It really should be your decision. But I tend to not consume artificial sweeteners because all they are is chemicals.

Think of it this way...Would you rather drink chemicals or clean, pure water?

Water is a chemical...

Sorry, the smarta** ChemE that I am had to jump at that ;)
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I will compromise and do 4 crystal light and 4 water. I just can't drink all water :-(

Original Post by shimmerkittenglow:

 Crystal light has artificial sweetners in it that can be harmful in large amounts.

 In lab rats.......

It helps me drink more water in the day.  I think about it this way, if it does not have calories or caffeine, I count it as water.

I disagree that the 8 glasses per day includes other sources. It literally means 8 glasses of pure water per day.

It does mean 8 glasses a day from all sources- you don't actually need 8 full glasses of water if your eating lots of fruit and things that contain water.  You just need to make up for water you lose throughout the day by any means.

This post just gave me a hankerin for some crystal light!!!

You know what I do??  I find that the recommended amount of water you are to add to a packet is far too little.  I find it's sort of strong tasting and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  So instead of 6 cups of water, I add 7 - 71/2 cups water to a packet.  It's MUCH tastier watered down....and it's much closer to getting just pure waterInnocent


I have the Crystal Light packets that you are supposed to add directly to a 16 oz/0.5 L bottle of water. I find that makes it WAY too sweet for me. Instead, I fill my 32oz/1 L bottle with water and then use one packet of Crystal Light. It makes the water a little more flavorful but it's not too sweet.

The longer you drink pure water, the more accustomed to it you become.

I drink only water,  8 oz. OJ diluted with water, unsweetened green tea and one glass 1% milk a day.

When I taste soda of any kind it tastes way too sweet.  I stopped artificial sweeteners a few years ago ... it had zero calories, but made me so hungry I was eating too much!

I'll go ahead and say it.  Plain water is nasty.  It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and for that reason, I refuse to drink it unless I am dehydrating or exercising.  I only drink water (or, if I've been good, I will treat myself to a soda but only once a week) but I always pay for flavoring.  Everyone is can have their own opinion about whether it's water or not once you flavor it but I think it's still water.  It's different than Kool-aid if someone wants to argue that because the flavors I use don't have sugar and that's all I think that Kool-aid is, flavored water with a cup of sugar at least added.  If you want to flavor your water, do it.  It's the only way I can drink it daily and it's healthy.  Don't listen to your dad.  Do whatever it takes to be healthy and drink water.

I also struggle with plain tap water,YUCK,  but I have found that if I buy a case of Dasani bottled water , we all, even the kids, drink more water; especially if it's ice cold.    I am of the same school of thought as your dad, if you add anything to water it is not water anymore.  I feel that clean water flushes the liver and kidneys unlike other prepared drinks.  So, I try to make sure that we all drink as much "actual"  water as possible.  Though sometimes if I feel like something different,  I will add a drop or two of Realemon and Splenda.

I should own stock in culligan water

I get 5 of those 5 gallon bottles delivered every month and I'm the only one in the house that drinks water

Tap water and most bottled water is GROSS.  Desani is one of the few i like.


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Original Post by healthybmi:

Original Post by shimmerkittenglow:

Crystal light has artificial sweetners in it that can be harmful in large amounts.

In lab rats.......

lab rats = mammals

humans = mammals


Crystal light is trash for your body, drinking water is what human beings have been doing for ages.. this Crystal Light stuff has just barely come about.. stick to what works and suck it up.

Dasani is tap water.  I bought a Brita filter and our water tastes tons better and I'm drinking water all the time now.  I used to be dehydrated, hated water.  Now I like it a lot. 


The 8 glasses is "from all sources" but you still should be drinking just water as well. 

Anyone who hates the taste of water needs to boil their water and refrigerate it, or buy a BRITA filter. I hated water until I realized that my tap water was what tasted like chlorine, and boiling it fixed that. :>

You can add lemon or lime to your water if you don't like the taste. Both are very good for you and have many health benefits. Anything processed is bad for you although you cannot really cut out all processed food, (well you can but life would be no fun) you can try to eliminate most of it. One of the easiest things for me to do as far as weight loss and living healthy are concerned is to not use up calories on drinks and don't drink anything that is bad for you. I save my calories for food. Lemon and Lime speed up your metabolism and flush your system.

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