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Crystal Light Slurpee

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I just did a wee bit of research on the Crystal Light Slurpee - the summer treat that I thought might save me from my cravings.

Apparently, 16 oz. has 80 calories - more than a small serving of some of the other "non-diet" flavours.

I've only had two this summer...and I won't be making that mistake again! :(

Here's the website I found the info on: es/food/7-eleven/crystal-light-slurpee/health y-alternatives/

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Hadnt heard  of it but I'd think they could do better calorie wise considering calories of a SF popsicle.

I had a diet coke slurpee years back - dont remember calories but it was to horrible to matter anyway.

They have a sugar free one too, but I don't know the calorie difference (?).

YOU could totally make Crystal Light Slushies right in your kitchen - save money & calories no joke!!

All it takes is a blender, ice, water & sugar-free powdered crystal light!

I know they offer sugar free and 5 calorie per serving slurpies. Maybe you got mistaken and thought just because it was crystal light it was the lower calorie option. I never tried it but 5 caloires per serving isent so bad (: Just make sure you add up how many servings you have and don't get an extra large one and count it in your calorie log as 5 calories Tongue out

Good Lord, kmleela, I'm sure happy you posted this.  I've had three or four of them this summer, thinking I was getting zero calories.  They do NOT post the calories, so I'm sure most people are not aware of this.  I Googled Crystal Light Slurpees, and, evidently, an 8 ounce Crystal Light Slurpee averages 30 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates; the 44-ounce size has about 167 calories and 33 grams of carbohydrates.

Calories in the Crystal Light are coming from added sorbitol, a sugar alcohol. Well-known side-effects of sorbitol intake are gas and diarrhea, but some people are bothered by this more than others.

I drink Crystal Light at home all the time (used to drink tons of Coke and Pepsi), but NO MORE Slurpees.

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

I can live with 80 Calories or so. They are yummy.

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