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Crystal light = Side effects?

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First off,

i dont know where to post this, so sorry if it's on the wrong forum!


For the past three days i have been having the worst stomach pain ever.

it feels like someone is stabbing me in the stomach, and it kinda feels like i have trapped gas, it hurst so bad to just move.

im pretty sure its not trapped gas because the pass three day i have taken any gas pills out there and it should have passes by now if it was.


i was trying to figure what it could be before i go all the way to the doctor,

and i was thinking about it when i was putting some Crystal light in my water when it hit me,

could it be the fake sugar in the Crystal light? i started drinking Crystal light on monday so its been about a week of me drinking one of those “on the go” packets a day.



i was wondering if anyone had any stomach problems when drinking crystal light?

and does anyone know how to make my stomach feel any better?

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artificial sweeteners give some people lots of gas problem so it could be the crystal light.  Stop drinking it for a few days and see if it goes away.   If it does then you have your answer.

Severe abdominal pain that has lasted as long as this could be very serious, and the OP should go to their doctor or the ER IMMEDIATELY.  It could be appendicitis, which can kill you if not treated very promptly.  Even if it is not appendicitis, you could have gallstones or some other condition that should be treated by a doctor. 

Gas -- even very bad gas -- would have passed in three days.

Sorry for necroing this thread, but this could be very important.

Yeah I have noticed that the Crystal Light drinks, along with the generic brands, make me feel bloated quickly and i feel gassy. That is why it is my goal this week to drink nothing but water. I got myself off of soda but these kind of drinks need to go too.
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