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going on a cruise and healthy eating??

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Okay so I'm going on a Carnival cruise in two weeks! YAY, so anyway, has anyone been on one and do they have good and healthy foods to eat?  I'm sure there will be a salad bar and stuff at lunch so there will probably be lots of options right?  But what about the fancy sit down dinners?  Are there a decent amount of choices that might be healthy? 

I know I probably should just enjoy myself and indulge, but to be honest, I won't if I start eating unhealthy stuff because I'll feel guilty! Plus it's like a week long, so I don't want to go overboard! Hehe

Anyone have any ideas? Ever been on a cruise while trying to eat healthy?

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HA!  GOOD LUCK!     just kidding,,, There are healthy things on the ship, ive been on a few.  But there is just SOOOOOOO MUCH FOOOD!  and you can eat whenever you want!   My advice...find the gym on the ship and everytime you feel hungry hit it up, follow up with the fruit and salad bar.  Or option 2..enjoy your vacation and get back on track when you get home.
haha I know the unlimited food thing might kill me!  I'll definitely try to take advantage of the gym if I can force myself to go! Thanks

Eating well on a cruise is very easy the amount of options they give you are enormous just keep within your normal calorie range but if you go above once or twice don't worry enjoy it!!! If you need a special diet, diabetic, vegetarian, heart smart or calorie reduced get in touch with the cruise line or your travel agent and submit your guidelines and the meals will be prepared for you.

Good luck, enjoy the cruise and above all Have Fun Laughing and tell us all about it when you get back!

I love to cruise and actually stay at the same weight or lose a tiny amount cause I tend to be much more active.  That said, I will admit that on my first Carnival cruise I got "tongue burn" cause I licked so many soft serve ice cream cones.  (LOVE ice cream!!)

At breakfast (diningroom or promenade) they have those small boxes of cereals (including some of the higher fiber, less sugar types), sugar free yoghurt, fresh fruit, skim milk, unbuttered toast.  They also have oatmeal, but I'm not sure how they make it, looks creamy though.  You can get egg whites prepared a variety of ways in the diningroom, not sure about promenade.

Lunch/Dinner:  The diningroom usually has a low cal option, seafood and meats aren't usually sauced.  You can ALWAYS request steamed veggies with no butter and meat prepared leanly.  They always have broiled chicken breast, sirloin steak and baked potatoes if you don't like what's on the menu.  The lunch and dinner menus are posted after breakfast.  Study them so you know if you'll need to request something.  (Plus it's fun to plan and drool.)

The promenade has the usual salad bar you mentioned.   The hot buffet usually has a carved meat or two with those calorie laden gravies and jellies on the side.  The buffet sides you'll have to be careful with.  They seem to have a lot of butter, margarine or cream.  I'd check the sides, get some meat and then fill my plate from the salad bar watching out for the high calorie dressings.  Depending on the ship, they have a deli where you can request a sandwich with the meat of your choice and veggies, skip the dressings or add mustard.  They have veggie sandwiches too.  I haven't tried them, but sometimes the veggies (if not raw) are roasted in a lot of oil...ask.  I'd stay away from the grill, hotdogs, hamburgers and philly steak sandwiches are not your friend.  They have pizza.  I don't think it's that good.  If you like pizza, you may want to get one, they're individual, with less cheese and/or share.  Many of the larger ships have sushi/sashimi bars.

Now, it's a cruise and vacation! I'm lucky in that I don't like many desserts.  If something really appeals, treat yourself.  Share or ask for a smaller portion so you're not tempted.  Make sure your server understands that you're serious.  As a matter of fact, when your server introduces him/herself tell the server that you're on a strict diet.  That avoids them pressuring you to eat more, thinking you're ones of those types of people who feel they have to say no, but want to be pushed so they can say the waiter kept bringing food and made them over indulge.  

A warning!!!!Stay away from those darned soft serve machines.  One small cone won't hurt ya (and is probably a better choice than the other desserts), 12 a day is another story.

Thanks everyone! Wow soozlebug2000 that was so helpful! That's way more than I'd have expected anyone to know! THanks so much! Now I'm excited! It doesn't seem like it will be too hard! :)
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It's hard to find the balance of enjoying yourself while being healthy, but what I would recommend is eating really healthy for 2 meals and all of your snacks except for one and then eat whatever you want for the third meal and snack but really watch your portion sizes.  That way you'll still feel and be healthy while being able to enjoy your vacation and have fun.  Good luck!
I like that idea!  I think I'll eat what I want for dinner, just not too much! Thanks! And if there's a dessert that I just can't pass up, then so be it! :)
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Not stuffing your face all day on the cruise is going to be difficult... they have really delicious buffet-style eating, and offer only things like pizza late at night. They have tons of fresh fruit that tastes so good, and Carnival has a light menu for dinner... but they also have insanely delicious chocolate desserts. All I can say is good luck. Also, try not to drink alcohol all day every day. I blew it on my cruise, but it was relatively easy to get back to normal once I got home. Do try the melting chocolate cake if they have it... so damn good.

My tip... don't wear floaty clothes with elasticated waists.  Take something reasonably snug-fitting and tailored.  It makes overeating uncomfortable and gives you an incentive to stay sensible!
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