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I've been craving soy foods like insanity lately...and I've been giving into my cravings. I have low estrogen levels--is this perhaps why I'm experiencing these cravings? Am I doing the right thing by giving into them via organic tofu and roasted soybeans?

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I'd say so. :] Often our body craves what may seem random because we are in need of something it provides. Soy milks, desserts and cheeses and things might help you too, though I don't know if you're looking to largely unprocessed or not. And even if you are milks will still be fine anyway!

I am intolerant to gluten and I tend to avoid processed soy since it is supposedly an unhealthy form of it and not exactly te cheapest thing out there.=P But hey, soy nuts and tofu are yummy!!

Thanks for confirming my theory. Sorta confirming it, anyway.;)

are you a vegetarian? could it be that you aren't getting enough protein?

I'm almost veg....I eat fish once in a blue moon, though. Eggs are a massive staple in my diet as well as dairy products. I get about 150g of protein (or more) without an ounce of soy.

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